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. Magic Worlds through the Lens
After receiving the MA in history of literature and linguistics and working more than 15 years in the computer industry Voegtle began to carve wood in the late 90's.
Extensive travels to southeast Asian countries influenced her early art style.
These days Voegtle's work is concentrating on painting, using different materials such as silk, rayon, cotton and media such as silk dye paints as well as acrylics. Incorporating textures has become a new feature in her range of work. Subjects have changed from richly ornamentive imagery to the sincerity of landscapes and special places as well as a nearly photorealisitc documentation of her nearest environment and travelling experiences. Voegtle has shown her work all over the United States and Europe. Her work continues to travel the world and tries to reach people's minds.

. Making a Mark

. Malcolm Lowe - Watercolour Wanderings
My name is Malcolm Lowe and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I have been painting for two years, starting with watercolour - it's only now that people tell me it is the hardest medium! I love it. The technical aspects of watercolour, the [sometimes] unpredictability, the wonderful effects and the scope of wet paint on paper are a constant fascination. I really enjoy sharing with other artists in small groups as we explore drawing and painting. Recently I started entering Art Shows and two of my paintings have been bought [even better - by people I don't know....] It is a great encouragement.

. mangosteenskin
. Marcus Soup:AnArtBlog

. Margaret G Stermer-Cox
Ms. Margaret Stermer-Cox began working as a fine art painter after retiring from a career in the United States Army. However, her art training started as a child. Daughter of New Mexico artist John H. Stermer, Margaret grew up seeing and studying paintings daily. Mr. Stermer’s influence is seen in Margaret’s use of color and line in her paintings. Ms. Stermer-Cox’s studies have been self-guided. She has studied drawing and painting through books, community classes and workshops. Recent workshop instructors include Frank Webb, Barbara Nechis, Caroline Buchanan for watercolor; and Kristy Kutch for colored pencil. Ms. Stermer-Cox has taught watercolor painting in her local community of Ocean Shores, WA. Ms. Stermer-Cox has shown her works in juried, group and solo shows in Washington, Oregon, Montana and New Mexico. Her paintings are in collections throughout the western states and New York. She is a member of the Northwest Watercolor Society and National Watercolor Society. Website

. Margot Potter

. Mark Yearwood Abstract Art
Contemporary Abstract Palette Knife Paintings and Random Thoughts by an Oklahoma Artist.
A journey for the eyes and the mind… Mark Yearwood’s graphic design background and love of architecture are evident in his structural and atmospheric abstract acrylic paintings that masterfully balance rich, yet selective color palettes. Vivid textures and patterns are structured by abrasive shapes to represent the connection between nature and man-made things. With this in mind, one could get lost exploring the subtle spaces and dramatic color tensions that Yearwood creates on canvas using palette knives and other paint application tools.
Yearwood is an Oklahoma artist whose studio is located right off I-40 one hour West of Oklahoma City, OK.

. Maria Pace-Wynters
Mixed Media Artist
Maria Pace- Wynters was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia. She attended Victoria College of Art, Camosun College (Associate of Arts degree) , the University of Victoria (BFA honor program) and Victoria Film School before setteling down in Edmonton, Alberta with her singer/songwriter/soulmate husband, Chris Wynters, their two young, but growing quickly, daughters, Imogen and Scarlett. Currently Maria is a stay at home mum that tries to find any moment that she can to create her unique and colourful mixed media paintings. Her paintings and reproductions are collected by loyal fans worldwide. Maria is an avid blogger and her blog has been viewed by over 60 thousand visitors in the two last year. She sells her work online through Etsy and The Daily Painters and is also a proud member of Night Of Artists. Maria is also very excited about her upcoming children's book and jewelry line featuring her beloved character Circus Girl. Website

. mARTa's Art
. Marja-Leena Rathje

. Mary Ann Archibald
Mary Ann Archibald is a Canadian painter based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Mary Ann's portrait, figurative, still life and landscape
paintings are valued for their expressive, painterly and often lyrical qualities.

. Mary C. Nasser
All of my art is inspired by nature: specifically, landscapes and geology. My love of landscape is revealed in mixed media paintings layered with maps and scientific illustrations. I study physical geology and the interconnectedness between surface and subterranean landscapes: exploring the relationships between developments underground and the evolution of the landscape that takes place on the surface – borrowing images from geological diagrams of land formations to incorporate into my paintings. I am captivated by the idea that geological shifts and transformations seem to parallel both individuals and their relationships: continually changing, varying, shifting and developing, too.
In 2007, I spent time living and painting in the southwest, examining desert landscapes, where the combination of aridity and erosion exposed the earth’s composition, structure, and layers, the relationships between them, and the deep time they represent. After visiting extinct volcanoes in New Mexico, I longed to see active volcanoes. As a result, I embarked on a residency at Red Cinder Creativity Center in 2008, located between the active and accessible volcanoes Kilauea and Mauna Loa, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Immersed in twelve of the world’s thirteen climate zones, I experienced and studied the various landscapes and dynamic geology of the island. I had the unique opportunities of watching landscape being created and standing on the newest land on earth: landscape created by lava hardening into rock, which, in time, will transform into soil where plants will sprout and grow. Consequently, the dramatic volcanic landscapes continue to inform and influence my work. Website

. marydunn-artist.com
Mary Dunn, born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in 1952, and has been living all her life around the suburb of West Mifflin, not far from the big city. As with many artists, she was drawing and oil painting most of her life. Her love for art never ceases and through the years, it has become a way of expression and relaxation.
Mostly self taught, Mary Dunn has worked primarily in oils; however, recently she has been working in pastels, acrylics, and watercolors.
While in college, Mary minored in art. Although she would have loved to have been an art major, at that time, she was a single parent and felt it necessary to major in business to take care of her two daughters. After college, she could not devote time to her art work, but now that her children have grown, there is more time to create and enjoy painting.
Mary works full time as a project manager but her evenings are spent either at the canvas or reading about various artist techniques. “It is a wonderful feeling to be creative in a way that people enjoy and appreciate. When my work is displayed, whether it is a pet portrait, a landscape, or a floral, the satisfaction of being the creator of an image brings such joy to my life.”
As an emerging artist, Mary’s exhibitions have included The Jewish Community Center (Mt. Lebanon, PA), The Galaxie (Chicago, Illinois) and the Iris and Ivory Tea Room (Emerling Plaza, Indianola, PA). Her artwork has been featured on “Infuze”, a website magazine, as well as “Art Bistro”. Currently, her artwork hangs at the “Extreme Art Explosion Gallery” in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Mary holds a B.S. Degree in Business Management and a Masters Degree in Public Management. She is also a member of the Pittsburgh Pastel Artists League where she is the Secretary and is responsible for the monthly newsletter. You can find more about Mary and her artwork on her website.

. MaryLou's Art [Ad]venture
. Mary's "World Famous" Sweet Tea & Art

. Matthew Adam Art
Matthew Adam is a journeyman of many vocations. He has seen traditional schooling, learning through varied work experience and vigorous self teaching. He is located in New York.
His current work is focused on a fundamental reformation of the artistic process and reversals of the postmodernist ideal, centered within the artist's self and assigning truth to both the elements and empirics of imagery. His works are formative and figural in composition and subject, and often deal with identity and the imagination, though not exclusively. Using vivid colors and layered depth to achieve alluring images of often dark subject matter and ambiguous illusion. He is a multi talented student of art and life, capable of artistic and aesthetic successes branching out in many directions. Find his works and extensive theory supporting his work at

. Maya

. Me and my art
I am Ananda Singha from india. I am a painter and animation artist..


. Meditation Photography
Eyes are an amazing science. What you see can create a ripple of thoughts inside you. In an over communicative world, Eyes need rest. They need rest from your thinking and constant chattering of mind. Let me share with you photos, which takes your mind away. Let me give you a taste of silence for a moment. This site is your private space. Space where you can be just still and enjoy images. My effort is to create a guidaspirituale thru images.

. Medley of Hues
Sadia Hussain
Seven years ago my nine year old daughter and I decided to brighten up our kitchen by adding a mural; she left soon after while I completed my first painting. The result sparked an unrecognized awareness and what commenced as a hobby soon developed into my passion. With the aid of Acrylics I enjoy capturing the vivid and vibrant hues of earth. Digital Art is where I contour these thoughts to design abstract images; the results are often surprising more like exploring a whole new world which I have demonstrated through my blog "Medley of Hues" . My current theme revolves around Earth which represents the realms of the cosmos wherein all things exist and whereof all things consist. The diversified landscapes along with their multitude of layers; colors , the components comprising it , the environment that swathes and enfolds it and the forces affecting it. A magic that stretches beyond eternity.

. Melanie Nogawski
My job as an artist is to capture the essence of a place, person or feeling, and to pass that onto others. It’s a transformative process for me, as well as for the canvas. I grew up in nature, and my hope is that we all preserve the beautiful places so future generations can experience them as we have, it's a big part of why I paint landscape, it preserves them in memory for future generations.
Melanie Nogawski grew up in the mountains of Utah in a family of artists. Melanie was inspired by her mother and grandmother-both self taught artists, and followed in their path. Melanie’s art career began in college, and has included post-graduate study at Palos Verdes Art Center (2003-2007), Otis Art College (2006) and the Brentwood Art Center (2001 to present.) She has also studied with some of her favorite artists, Deborah Paris, Scott Christensen, Ada Brown, and Bob Burridge. She and her family divide their time between Southern California and Utah. Website

. METROGADFLY© asemic symbolism
My art work is personal iconography. The imagery has been developed over fifty years. My vocabulary of icons enables me to generate hundreds of images without conscious effort. The ideas flow on the paper much like automatic writing. I generate the images in in sets of 10 to 20 and have produced several series of 100 or more. Many of my original works are photographed and the images are manipulated with Adobe illustrator or Photoshop.

. MiKa Art Blog

. Mike Adey
I am an Illustrator/Artist from Melbourne, Australia.
I trained in Illustration at the University of South Australia and gained a Bachelor of Design. I paint in Acrylic on Canvas in many sizes. I love painting in bold colours, in a Graphic/Illustrative style. I have paintings in collections in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Aarhus, Denmark.
For a full bio, please visit my

. Milkberryland.com

. Miz Katie
mixed media portrait painter
I'm blind in my left eye, and I have no depth perception, but that doesn't stop me from doing what I love. I love to paint portraits.
I have a passion for painting facial expressions, people wearing glasses, masquerade masks, hats, and sunglasses. I go for the slightly unusual look. I like to paint people or characters that you might like to pull up a chair beside, and listen to their story on a rainy afternoon.

. modus vivendi

. Mon Blog
Andrea Agnes Bodi
I grew up in north-west Transilvania, in a family of mixed nationality. My father came from a traditionalist Hungarian Transylvanian family, my mother from a west Romanian one, from the Vrancea mountains in east Romania. My paternal grandfather raised and educated me from childhood to college. He was a master of church art, he left behind a lifework of 64 churches all over in Transylvania. He was the main influence in my life. As a little girl he took me with him to his work sites, where I familiarized with the environment of painting. But as I grew up I chose a different path in life, so I earned a BA in Sociology which is followed now with a MA in Event planning and Protocol in Budapest. I do drawing and painting as a self-taught. I carry influences from traditional peasant elements to naïve religious elements, and abstract form play. I am trying to reflect on the two dimensioned space impressionist emotions, play of light and subtle expressions of thoughts.

I'm a digital artist, self taught and I'm from Bangalore India,
and I do al lot of digital artworks, such as Digital paintings as well as Comic and Manga/Anime styled artwork.
I'm freelancing at the moment. And apart from the love for Art, I'm also into Music.

. Morrgan's Creatures
. Moskovitz Art Studio
. Mother Henna

. Much of a muchness
I live in deepest, darkest Dorset, England. My sons have both flown the nest and I am busy fighting the good fight against ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’. My many efforts at finding my ‘talent’ have led me to try knitting, needlepoint, embroidery, silk painting, calligraphy, bookbinding, papermaking and photography to name but a few. Each hobby has grown out of the last one and I started making books to showcase my calligraphy but bookbinding has become an absorbing passion. I make sketch books, journals and photograph albums, all of which can be personalized using photographs and calligraphy if required. I use a wide range of paper from all over the world - Chiyogami and Katazome-shi from Japan, marbled paper from Italy and Brazil, embroidered paper from India, traditional English designs, contemporary American ones - in fact it's fair to say I am obsessed with collecting the most beautiful paper from around the world. All my books will shortly be available to buy on Etsy.com.

. Museum of Imagination
My name is Przemysław Murzyn but most people know me as Murin which is my nickname. I'm from Poland, Chrzanów (near Kraków) I am a mixed media artist. My adventure with painting has started around year ago. I experiment and use different kinds of materials. I'm not limiting myself to any painting style. When I start painting I never know what what will be the final result. It can be an abstract, surrealistic or exressionism. The main idea is combining the title of the work and the work itself in a way that will refer to viewers emotions and feelings. Good work is one that not only pleases the eye but also makes you think about it.

. Musings on Photography

My Life In Pencils & Paint
Art by Dwayne Wolff
Painting and drawing is another way of keeping a diary.
But although my work is inspired by my life and times, my object is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of equal intensity. In my art, I’m not trying to duplicate external forms, but get to the essence of things.
My interests in art are looking at reality and transforming it, through drawing and painting, into something else. I practice a type of contemporary realism, but I don’t want my work to merely reflect reality. The true value in art is creating something that cannot be explained.
In the end, art is not what I see, but what I can make others see. It is impossible for anyone to express anything essentially real by imitating its exterior surface. I begin with an idea, and it becomes something else through the process of transferring to paper and canvas.
I have a studio in the Old Firehouse Art Center in Longmont, Colorado. In addition to painting, I am a computer graphic artist

. My Paint Box
. Matthew Carter - Portraits
. My Quest to Make a Living as a Comic Book Superhero Artist
. My Beach Days
. My Depictions

Steve Clement-Large : I am 50 years old, based in Plymouth UK and a self-taught artist - who has only started producing work after a 25 year gap. Having started painting again in Summer 2008 I have sold 3 large canvases and have just secured an exhibiton space for the end of April 2009 in a small private gallery in Plymouth. My work can be broadly described as pure abstract or abstracted figurative and landscape.I work in different mediums from acrylic, through oil-pastel to children's coloured pencils.

. Mystical Mythical Metalwork
Kathleen Krucoff
I am a glass and metal artist. I have been mentored by a number of talented artists from Patty Gray (fused glass) to Lexi Erickson (metalsmith). I am primarily self-taught. My work is inspired by nature, realized in glass and metal.

. NanjoDogz
NanjoDogz is a place to discuss and showcase my polymer clay art, talk to and feature other independent artists, speak to my love of animals most notably the dog and share other life experiences.

. Naresh das
I am Naresh from a small city of orrisa India. I'm a traditional animation artist.... at present I'm working for Gamshastra game development studio as lead concept / visual development artist.......

. Nat Dickinson Doing Art
. New Work and Inspiration
. New York Nitty-Gritty
. Niagara Falls Info - What's New ?
. Non Linear Arts
. Non dairy Diary

. Norma's Daily Paintings
Norma Wilson was born in East Philadelphia, her mother, an Irish immigrant, her father a salesman. She grew up playing "wire-ball", riding her bike, and jumping rope, "double dutch". The most vivid memories she recalls about her childhood include her passion for rearranging the furniture in their small row house, changing the colors of her surroundings and always creating an atmosphere of some far away romantic setting.
Her home was filled with classical music and the sounds of her Uncle, Val Doonican, who left Ireland for England and became an accomplished vocalist and television personality. Val, along with his sister, Norma's Aunt Una, paint lovely scenes of the Irish Countryside and English Cottages. All of this served as inspiration for a career filled with creativity.
After graduating from The College of Notre Dame in Maryland, Norma married and spent the next twenty years as a Navy wife. She studied watercolor and drawing at the Swinburne School of Art in Rhode Island and took a course in Interior design. But, for the most part, she concentrated on raising three wonderful boys named Patrick, Sean, and Andrew.
Fifteen years later she was encouraged by her friend and fellow artist, Susan Hecht to take a class with local artist, in fine art painting on furniture. She also studied pastel and acrylic. "I was afraid of the whole process, wanting to be able to paint well but sure I didn't have the ability." Her teacher was very patient and encouraged her to keep trying and remember the basics she had taught. " It was my second pastel-- a racoon coming out of the the colorful autumn leaves. It just seemed like a mess of color. I kept working and reacting to what I saw and all of a sudden the face began to emerge and I was hooked!" She has been painting ever since and loves it! Norma had finally found a home for all that creative energy and drive. "My paintings for me are a way to express the beauty and color that surrounds us and to celebrate the dance of light on everyday objects. When I am deep in the creative process, it becomes a sort of meditative experience where I am participating fully in the moment and allowing the universe to co-create and unfold in my work."
Norma loves to spend her days painting in her home studio and displays her work in several galleries and establishments in the area. Numerous Tidewater shows and private collections around the United States showcase her work. Norma can be reached by Phone: 757-729-4136 • email: normasart@cox.net

. Nothing Like It
. NZ Art - Elizabeth Love

. Oleksandra Morozova
Alexandra Morozova studied at the National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute' founded in 1898, and was selected as a student at the Polygraphic Institute. Her paintings were exhibited at the Central Art House of Ukraine. She has also worked as a freelance graphic designer, making children's textbook illustrations. Alexandra was born in Kyiv, painting since the age of 5. She lives in an old historical house, with her dog Harley and the ghost of her black cat.

. OUT OF THE GRAY - Portraits of heArt
. Octavine Illustration

. Oil + Canvas
Sarah enjoys creating intimate paintings of things that bring her joy. By favoring simplicity over complexity in composition, she is able to relax and complete each one within a matter of hours. They are meant to evoke nothing but perhaps a smile of acknowledgment in the simple pleasures of everyday life. Enjoy!

. Oil Painting Studies by Dennis Albertson

. Oliver Dominguez

. One Painting a Day
I'm an artist living in Durham, North Carolina, and I paint because I want to share with others the beauty I see in so many small, everyday things- I tend to focus on colors, and on giving my paintings a peaceful feeling.

. OnlyPencil.com-Tips and Techniques

. on the Llano Studio
Hilton McLaurin
I find real pleasure in creating Paintings of the Southwest United States. I live on the Llano Estacado of West Texas and travel frequently to the mountains, deserts and high valleys of Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. This great region has inspired me to put paint on canvas as a Visual perhaps Historical Record. I like big skies, distant horizons and small eye catching scenes. Website

. Oregon Fine Art Gallery "Blog"
I'm an over-the-hill, fat, balding guy - formerly a long-haired hippie freak, surfer, low-rider, guitar and bass playing band member who grew up in Southern California in the 50's when it was still an uncrowded nice place. My friends and I used to carry our rifles and shotguns down the street in broad daylight as we headed for the hills to go rabbit hunting and nobody gave it a second thought - my how times have changed. (I wouldn't think of shooting a rabbit or anything else anymore - I like alive things much more).
I've lived in beautiful Oregon for nearly 30 years now - never get tired of the beautiful scenery and wildlife. I'm disabled now from a host of maladies that I won't bore you with.
I've enjoyed the beauty of nature since I was a youngster, so now I enjoy: nature photography, and funny stuff, digital art, and funny stuff, flowers, and funny stuff, art, and funny stuff, and ,oh yeah - funny stuff :-} That about sums it up for me.

. Original Art by L.Clay

. Original Paintings by Mark Webster
Mark has studied painting and drawing in college and at The School of Light and Color in Fair Oaks, CA. He has also studied under Timothy C. Tyler in Italy. His work has been shown in a number of juried exhibitions and in galleries all over the United States.
Artist Statement:
I wanted to convey the depth of motion of the human figure both active and at rest. The result became a form of sculptural abstract imagery of not only the figure itself, but rather the time and space that it occupies in a single moment, or several single moments. Generally, I start with the model. I sketch them and then begin reducing the form into less complicated shapes. After several drafts I begin developing areas to gain the effect of either greater tension or greater flow. This combined with an edge on edge effect is what gives my work a dimensional depth. I use water-soluble oils on canvas. I find that these relatively new paints allow for ease of blending and ease of clean up. The result is a juxtaposition of organic and artificial forms giving my work a sculptural presence.

. Orly Avineri

. Otak 3 Pagi Experiment
Najeeb Ishak, or widely known as bem69, has been scribbling papers with his drawings since he was a kid but has never really learned how to paint with natural media. His big break came when he found out he can paint with his other passion; computers. He studied for two years in IT, but left for multimedia design as he discovered IT is not his thing. Starting from '99, he has been practicing his painting skills using the mouse and in 2001 he started using a Wacom tablet, which made his transition from hand to computer much faster. Now, he is still exploring different art styles and incorporating it to his own and strive to keep his art unique and fresh.

. Paint Dance
Artist Maryanne Jacobsen is a contemporary colorist with a distinctive and unforgettable style. Ms. Jacobsen was the former regional director of The Rock School West, official school of The Pennsylvania Ballet, as well as the founding director of West Chester Ballet Theatre. A move to Florida in 2005 provided Maryanne the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream to learn to paint. Maryanne considers herself primarily a self-taught artist, but has also studied at The Ringling College of Art and Design, and her teachers have included respected artists Julie Hanson, Louis Tedesco, Hodges Soileau, Jon Greeley, and Robert Liberace. Her work is being collected enthusiastically throughout the United States as well as internationally, and in the short amount of time that she has been exhibiting her works, she has been accepted into dozens of juried shows and invitational paint-outs, has collected a few awards along the way, and has shown her work in government buildings and commercial establishments throughout the Southwest Florida area.

. Painted Paper
Watercolors and Acrylics by Holly Lombardo
I guess you could say, I've been a painter my whole life.... I just didn't know it. I am a self taught artist who has painted with watercolors for almost 15 years, and more recently, acrylics. I started painting as a hobby in college, mostly renderings of houses for realtors as closing gifts, and some general landscape/still life subjects as time allowed. As my career has changed and free time has appeared, I have painted creatively almost daily now for 2 and a half years, and have recently started to show my work to the public (since Spring 2007). I now graciously have the free time to paint subjects that inspire me. I enjoy capturing light and shadow, and always challenge myself to try something new and improve my own technique. I find inspiration in nature as well as familiar objects, and continue to be amazed at how effortlessly paint will glide over a paper surface, depositing colors and implying shapes.
I am inspired by the masters, including Sargent, Hopper, Wyeth and of course, Monet, Cassatt and Renoir, to name a few. Painting is a passion, and I find now that when I look out the window, I am already thinking about which colors I would use to capture the sunlight on a tree, or a shadow on the ground. It is a passion, and I learn something new with each painting that I do.
I am a member of the Concord Art Association (CAA) and the National Watercolor Society (NWS).

. PaintedPlums

. Painted Veil
My name is Jackie, however, I sign my images as Shinade. Shinade translates in ancient Gaelic to The Graciousness of God. Therefore, I am always reminded of my blessings. I am originally from Texas currently retired in Oklahoma. I studied art and design at The University Of Maine at Augusta and also at The Thomaston Center while living in Maine.
I am fifty two years old, the mother of two wonderful daughters, three step-children, six grandchildren, five boys and one girl. I met my current husband Walter when I was twenty five and we have been together since our first date. He too is an artist and before his work required him to be on the road, he too painted and worked as a fantastic photographer. He worked back in the day of film, preferred black and white, and developed all of his own work.
I began in acrylics as a hobby. Then moved into formal study working in oil and also pen and ink. From there I became fascinated with graphic design and spent years working in Paint Shop pro and then Poser. The new love of my life is phoography. I have been working in this genre for less than a year. I also have plans to return to working in oils and also taking a class in water color.
My interest in art did not develop until I was in my late thirties. Oddly enough, being adopted and blessed to have found my biological father just prior to his death, I discovered that he too was an artist. He too did not begin his journey as an artist until he was in his forties. I have some prints of his work and he was a true talent. He spent the last few years of his life teaching art and I have been told that many of his works hang in some of the most prestigious homes and public places in the state of Louisianna.

. Painter's Process
Randall David Tipton
Painterly, unusual landscapes in oil or in watermedia on the plastic paper Yupo. Website

. Painting a Day - Fine Art Watercolor Paintings
. Painting Each Day

. Painting by Artist Mark Shearman
Oil and Acrylic on canvas and board, Water Colours, Pastel, Encaustic: Seascape, Landscape, Figure, Still Life, Murals and Faux Finishes.
Mark has been a painter and sketch artist since his early years, largely influenced by his artistic Father. He started painting the French country side on his farm near Chateaubriand Loire, in the late 1980s. He has worked and lived in many interesting places in Europe, including Berlin and London. A year in Tenerife directed him to the Costa Blanca and a love of the Spanish way of life. He currently works from his studio and enjoys "en plein air" almost all year round because of the mild climate. When he gets the time you will often find him on a secluded part of the beach or in the "Campo". Over the years his style has changed through different influences in his life and using various mediums. “People visit my Salon visual and always leave with something, often a small painting from the paint a day range - in oil or acrylic or one of the larger canvases.” Mark works in oils and pastel, his "en plein air" paintings are in water colour and acrylic.

. Paintings by Barbara Pask
My name is Barbara Pask and I am a full time artist living in Ohio. Though mostly self taught I take weekly lessons, the occasional workshop and study on my own. I am a prolific painter, completing around three paintings per week. I have completed around 300 paintings in the last two years. I paint in oils and paint all subjects.

. Paintings by Linda McFetridge
Linda has contributed to a number of collaborative exhibitions over the past couple of years, including an innovative show in November 2006, with fellow artist Kate Millington, hosted by fashion design house World. She has utilized the internet and her trusty mac to reach a wider international audience for her art, taking a piece of NZ to the rest of the world, combining her experiences in the film industry with her art, Linda has begun to produce a short film documentary to accompany some of her works, giving audience into the painting process and her interpretation into that particular piece. She has also begun a series of abstract works exploring similar elements that inspire her previous works but but deconstructing them into a more abstract form and representation.
"As an Artist I am fascinated by space, contrast and texture, and I find painting land, sea and skyscapes a fabulous mechanism to explore this. Growing up surrounded by black sand beaches and the native bush in Taranaki has left a strong imprint on my creativity. I'm inspired by the moodiness and drama of the west coast of the North Island, its ability to create a sense of stillness, and evoke within a peacefulness, which is reflected in my work."
The frames Linda uses on some of her works are made by her brother from recycled Macracapa off their home farm in Taranaki.

. Paintings by Theresa Paden
Theresa Paden’s unique painting style captures the essence of her subjects. Focusing on the beauty of nature and wildlife, her interpretation is characterized by vivid colors, masterful brushstrokes, and serene composition. Her artistic vision has been sharpened by a lifetime of observing nature firsthand, from childhood wilderness adventures to her present life living in a beautiful southern California valley near the ocean. She finds daily inspiration for her paintings among the many orchards, farms, and ranches near her home.
A graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, she served as a senior Art Director in the Los Angeles graphic design world, finally retiring to the country to raise her children. Her family has since expanded to include an assembly of horses, goats and other creatures. When not painting, she and her husband enjoy riding horseback into the hills above their home where the natural world of the West can still be experienced first hand.
Theresa accepts a limited number of equine commissions.

. Paintings From Maine
. Paintings in Oil

. Paintings In Watercolor
Linda Hammelman is a native Missourian who has lived in Texas, Iowa, and Virginia and is now at home again in St. Louis. She holds the position of Director and Treasurer of the Saint Louis Watercolor Society.
She has studied watercolor with Christopher Schenk, Carl Dalio, Pat Deadman, Joe Fettingis, Judi Betts, Frank Francese, Carol Carter, Hilary Page, Gerald Brommer, Don Getz, Don Andrews, Ted Minchin, Skip Lawrence, John Salminen and others.
The colorful, splashy, energetic quality of watercolor appeals to Linda. Her favorite subjects reflect her interest in boating, flowers, people and places. She has received numerous awards and is a signature member of the Saint Louis Watercolor Society.

. Paint my Brains Out
I love to paint and tell stories through my work.
Maybe one day someone will find what I do interesting.


. Painting Small Impressions
I am an artist living in Washington State. Painting small impressions of daily life is what I love to do. The landscape of the Pacific Northwest provides endless subjects for my work from the Pacific Ocean to the Cascade Mountain Range and the prairies of Eastern Washington. Inspiration abounds in my homeland of Washington State.

. Painting On
In 2001 Margaret Ryall made a career shift from education to visual arts and hasn’t looked back. As a mixed media artist, process and exploration play a major role in all the art she creates. Through her work she explores the passage of time and its effects on memory, identity and the natural world. She is an active member of the arts community in St. John's, Newfoundland and serves on the board of CARFAC (Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens ), a national arts advocacy board.

. Paintings of Susan Liles
Watercolors, Pastels, Oils
I am a self taught artist, now having time to devote to painting after raising four children. Art has always been my passion with interests in watercolor, pastel and oil painting. My favorite subject is portraits in watercolor, which seems to be second nature to me. This blog was started to help me paint everyday and explore new subjects and develope my artistic skills.

. paintings prints and stuff

. . Painting the West by BECKY JOY
Landscape plein air oil paintings of the southwest. A journal of outdoor painting in and around the Arizona desert.
Professional artist, Becky Joy, brings her vision of this magnigicent world for you to enjoy through her original oil paintings. Impressionist landscapes and still lifes offered in a variety of sizes from the studio and in plein air. Sunsets and clouds are a specialty with their mood and rich colors. An award winning artist, a juried member of Oil Painters of America, American Women Artists and the Arizona Plein Air Painters. I have juried into national groups over the years and been published in Southwest Art Magazine.

. PaintScots
Jan Clizer is a fine art painter and musician whose focus of creative expression is inspired by the culture, history and landscape of Scotland. An American of Scots ancestry, Jan's lifelong passion for Scottish culture and Celtic music have resulted in repeated trips 'across the pond.' Extensive stays since 2003 have taken her down many interesting tracks, actively participating in local village and city life in North Scotland. Supportive friends and patrons include Jan in sailing adventures, work parties, road trips and all manner of music and local events, enhancing her knowledge of Scottish culture firsthand. Simply put, art and music are Jan's life....past, present and future. A self-taught painter raised in the coastal NW US, Jan's strong desire to 'put marks on something' as a small child were firmly discouraged. In 1980, living in a ruggedly beautiful area of the US West, she took up pencil and brush. Two children and making a living put painting in the background for a substantial period, but the desire and inspiration remained constant. Drastic medical events and life changes in the immediate family in 1997 gave her the mental push necessary to commit to her passion, and she spent 6 years painting and exhibiting at art festivals throughout the western US. A working tour of Europe in the mid-'70s originally brought Jan to the UK, and a 24-year-old dream was realized in 2003 when her Scottish odyssey began again to travel and do research for a series of Celtic music images. She paints, exhibits and plays fiddle in both Scotland and Northern Idaho, as family responsibilities permit. Her focus on Scottish and Celtic music subject matter is striking a surprising chord - an amazing percentage of the global population has some portion of it's roots in the "Celtic countries." Ms. Clizer's paintings are collected and commissioned on both sides of the Atlantic, while selected images are available as conservation-quality very-limited reproductions.Website

. Palette Knife Paintings
As a young girl, I dreamed of becoming an artist. I began taking oil painting classes as early as junior high school and quickly fell in love with texture and vibrant colors. My earliest influence was Vincent Van Gogh and his work in The Poet's Garden III and A Road at Saint-Remy with Female Figure, greatly influenced my approach to painting.
Soon after beginning my undergraduate studies I quickly realized that self-study was the right approach for me. Through countless hours of personal study and exploration I experimented with different mediums and techniques. My fascination with art that appears as messy globs of paint close up and a moving perfection from a distance helped guide my approach to my own work.
I use only a palette knife with impasto (wet on wet) techniques to create a depth you can literally touch.
My work is award winning and collected privately and corporately in cities and states across the US and in the UK.

. Pamela Gatens - Painting Colorful Cats & Flowers
I wish to convey my love of both color and nature, in particular the cat family, to the viewer of my paintings.
It is my goal to capture not only the obvious beauty of animals and flowers, my favorite subjects, but to convey each individual's personality and unique look with unexpected color and shape.
Pamela is a full time artist living in Wild & Wonderful West Virginia. Her background is in graphic and fine art. A native of Dallas, Texas, Pamela has enjoyed a career as a graphic artist and typesetter since 1971.
Now working mostly in watercolor and acrylic and occasionally in oil, she is a Signature Member of the West Virginia Watercolor Society as well as a member of Greenbrier Artists in Lewisburg, WV and Allied Artists of Charleston, WV. Also a juried artisan in both crafts and fine art at Tamarack The Best of West Virginia. Yearly Pamela publishes both a Cat Calendar and Flower Calendar. Her favorite artists include Joaquin Sorolla, Claude Monet, Laurel Burch and Lesley Anne Ivory. She enjoys teaching watercolor and acrylic workshops as well as regularly demonstrating her craft at The Greenbrier Hotel and Resort in White Sulphur Springs, WV as well as Tamarack in Beckley, WV. Paintings, cards and prints may be viewed and purchased through her blog.

. PaperMoon
. Pastel and Paint: Lesly Finn's Art

. Patina Moon

I am a wife, crazy cat lady, hobby photographer and a self taught mixed-media artist. I created Patina Moon as a way to share my creative journey with other kindred spirits.

. Patrice Erickson's Fine Art Portraits & Landscapes Blog

. Pat's Encaustics - Art in the Wax
I 'discovered' the encaustic art medium about a year ago and became totally fascinated with painting in the wax. Not only is it an amazing medium that is vibrant in colour, has texture but it allows the flow of your imagination like no other.
Basically molten pigmented wax is manipulated on various surfaces with hot tools. Check out my blog,
website or my various shops which are displayed in my blog to see examples of my work.

. Patrice Lynne Young
BFA So.Illinois University, MA Sangamon State University
Full time painter, mostly using acrylics, but occasionally wandering off into mixed media, oil and constructed collage boxes. I think there's no more satisfying vocation than to make things and to make paintings of things that have never been before. The natural world is more amazing to me every day and I never tire of interpreting the things I see or imagine or dream.
I paint murals and do fancy painted finishes to pay the bills, but I paint paintings to breath.
The Rabbit Hole


. Peintures et Dessins: Vue dailleurs
I have begun to paint in 1973 in my father’s workshop, Marc Boussac a french sculptor, in a free work, discovering the means by my self,
using gouache, and now acrylics colors on papers, canvas and wood.

. Pencil Sketching
Swarna Prabhu
Creative in things I am passionate about.Artist,Designer,Dreamer,Doer.

. Penguin & Fish

. Perry Mateson Designs
Up and coming designer Perry Mateson says, “It’s all in the details!” Bright, colorful, bold and hand-drawn, her designs bring whimsy and functionality together. She debuted at Printsource New York 2010 and Surtex 2011, and has grown her portfolio from an initial 28 designs to over 150.
She graduated from Marymount Manhattan College in 2007 with a degree in English but has been creating designs ever since she was a young girl growing up in the beautiful hills of ChaddsFord, PA. She moved to New York City to attend college and designs started flowing from her pen. Her artwork over time, becoming much more structured like the cityscape itself. Her ability to blend the simplicity of country living with the hard lines of city life has helped create her unique aesthetic.
Aside from creating new designs, Perry spends her time writing, going on long runs and working in the fast-paced film industry.

. Peripheral Vision - Inner Sights by Lynda Lehmann
I’m an American abstract painter and photographer with a passion for color and the forms of nature. Even as a young child, I felt awed by the wonders of nature. As an adult, I realize that my love of beauty has inspired my life.
My paintings are energetic and active, reflecting the intricacy and changing flow of consciousness, as well as the impermanence of what we call “objective” reality. My work exhibits order within chaos, much as we experience layers of organization within the complexity and disorder of both civilization and the natural world. While my appreciation for the beauty of reality is expressed through the realism of a camera, my paintings are marked by passages of vibrant color, gesture, and rhythm.
When I paint, I prefer the ambiguity, freedom and musicality of abstraction. For me the act of painting is like a dance that connects me to the elemental and primordial forces underpinning our shifting and evolving everyday reality.
My photographs provide an intense joy and engagement for me, as well, and include nature scenes as well as close-ups of minerals, shells, and botanicals, and unique views of everyday objects.
I’ve shown my art in numerous juried and solo shows in the New York area.

. Pet Portraits by Aimée
Aimee Hoover's custom pet portraits hang in the homes of animal lovers across the country since 1999. Her work has been featured in Bark Magazine, Modern Dog, Fido Friendly and Australia's Urban Animal, when she was chosen as one of ten pet portrait artists from around the world. Earlier this year her portrait of "Charlie" (actress and talk show host Bonnie Hunt's pit bull mix) made its national television debut on The Bonnie Hunt Show.

. Phantasy Art Studio
I’m Karen Acevedo an artist from Puerto Rico. I paint and draw since I can remember and I have experiment with oils, acrylics, graphite, watercolor and digital. Lately I'm working mostly fantasy and portraits painting in oil.

. Philhopkins38's Blog

. Phillos-LandFilos
Phillippe was born in 1983 in Lyon, France, currently lives and works in the Porto, Portugal. Graduate in architecture, his life has been cross several areas in art, painting, sculpture, drawing and photography, is now signed to the design of work illustration, has a broad curriculum in individual and collective exhibitions in various parts of the country and intenacionais, including contests in the internacional level.Now its gold is to know more their works and participate in new arts projects.

. Photoblog 2.0
. Photography by KML

. Pine Shore Studio
Artist Statement
Multi-layered collages define my work. Landscapes and seascapes that are fragmented by rock forms and turbulent waters are composed using calligraphic brush strokes to define detail.
A mix of color is splashed through an assortment of watercolor, and rice papers creating a highly textured surface.
Helen was born in upstate New York. Her childhood exploration of fields, lakes, and mountains inspired her early interest in art.
She is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Art (University of the Arts). A BFA in Graphic Design introduced her to a career in the commercial arts.
Freelance and teaching assignments ranging from coloring books to spot illustrations later evolved to include employment in signage and display.
While raising three daughters, her interest in painting was never forgotten. Exploring watercolor and collage has been her focus in recent years. Today she exhibits her work at outdoor shows and galleries in the Northeast.

. Pink Crab Creations
. pinkie style : the photos

. Plantie Bee
My name is Christina Lank, I am an American artist living in Sweden
and keep an art blog on blogger.
I am 24 years old and am a traditional painter with acrylics on
canvas, though I have also been teaching myself digital artwork over
the last year.

. Plein Air Paintings Niagara Falls, Maine, Caribbean

. Plein Air Painting the West by BECKY JOY
I'm primarily a plein air painter working oils. I'm a juried member of American Women Artists, Oil Painters of America, Arizona Plein Air Painters, and NMPlein Air Painters. I have been featured in Southwest Art Magazine and won many awards. Web Site

. Plein d'images par François Boussuge

. Pollocksthebollocks’s Weblog
I was born in Plymouth, Devon January 28th, 1970
I Attended College St Mark St John, 1990 – 1993, PR and Media Studies course
I attended, Karoly Eszterhazy Teacher Training College in Eger, Hungary from 1996 – 1998
I resided in Eger and Budapest for 14 Years. 9 as a teacher and 5 as Account Manager for Red Dot Photo Agency
I started painting in 2001
I have had several exhibitions since 2002
I have had several commisions and sales from exhibitions
I returned to England April 2006
I Won International Artist of the Year 2007 - abstract, experimental Category
I have a major art education blog and have had several reviews written on it
Budapest, Hungary January 2003 PotKulcs Gallery Cafe
Budapest, Hungary March 2003 PotKulcs. Gallery Cafe
Budapest, Hungary May 2004 ABB Art Gallery
Budapest, Hungary October 2004 Cafe Miro Gallery
Budapest, Hungary January 2005 Vitula Café
Oxford England, June 2007, The Jam Factory
Oxfordshire, England, July 19th -22nd 2007, Art in Action Waterperry Gardens
Oxford, England, January 2008, Freud’s Oxford
Winner of Artist of the year 2007 Abstract and Experimental Category
Winner for June 2008, Pizza Hut Pizza Box design competition

. Pop Art Minis
Joni Nickrent
If you love a little bit of "POP" art with an illustrative twist, fantastical characters filled with magic, fun and lots of bright colors, you might just love the work of Pop Art Minis artist, Joni Nickrent! Joni has been crafting and creating art since graduating with a degree in Art Education from Illinois State University, which led to working not only as a K-12 Art Teacher for 4 years, but then led to working as a full-time artist-crafter for two decades. After moving from Illinois to California in 2001, Joni left the world of self-supportive artist, entrepenuer and took a job in design and development for a home décor company and then as a Product Development/Brand Manager for a company that makes collectible dolls. Pop Art Mini’s came to life in 2009, when she endured some difficult times after the devastating news that her Mom was diaganosed with renal cell cancer. Through the sadness, emerged the delightful characters that served as her “therapist” and became a much needed ray of sunshine! Inspired by the memory of her Mom who always shared a smile and looked for the fun, fantastical and magic in life Pop Art Minis continues to grow, change and evolve!

. Postcard from Provence
. Postcard from Puniho
. Potter's Blog

I am blogging daily around a '365 Days of Drawing Challenge' I set myself for 2010, to draw no matter what for 365 consecutive days. I have not missed a day yet. Many of these drawings are turned into daily paintings like this one here. Website

. Primal Aspects
The Art of Emily Dewbre-Young
Hi! I'm Emily Dewbre-Young and I'm an indie visual artist who was born in Odessa, Texas. Lately, I live with my husband, two kids, two cats and a dog and work from my backyard, solar powered art studio in a humble, little neighborhood in Arlington. I began my work in oil and acrylic painting, colored pencil, chalk and pastel drawings as well as sketches in the early 90s while in High School in Odessa. In recent years I've delved into sculpture, pyrography and carving as well. My subject matter falls predominantly in the realm of nature, folklore and fantasy because this is where my passions lie and where I feel the most spiritual connectedness. My work has been used in advertising for productions such as 'Midsummer's Night Dream' for Summer Solstice 2006 and CommuniTREE 2011 at The Bath House Cultural Center on White Rock Lake in Dallas and has been on display at various places in the DFW metroplex area.

. PurrPrints


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