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. Daily Art West

. Dana Cooper
After retiring as a children's art teacher, I have taken my painting from a hobby to a more full time pursuit. I have been fortunate to have taken workshops and classes from many well known and respected artists. Though the subjects differ, I try to create a mood that is reflected in a moment of time. The moods are often quiet, sometimes surprising, always fleeting.

. Daniel Worth Art
BIO:Daniel Worth is a visual artist from Brisbane Australia. Since late August 2008 he has been on an art tour of Europe involving painting and exhibiting while he travels around. He is currently living and working in his studio bedroom in London. Website

. Daily Encounters with My Paint Brush
. Daily Miniature Paintings
. Daily Painting Practice
. Daily Paintings, experiments and thoughts.

. Daily paintings by Jane Hunt
Jane Hunt was born in Derbyshire, England.
She received her B.F.A. from the prestigious Cleveland Institute of Art
in 1993. Jane continued her art education by experiencing art communities in France, England, Indonesia and China while studying various painting techniques.
In this latest series Jane minimizes realism and detail to create moving pieces through color and texture. She uses a layering process to create a thick surface over wood panels and completes the paintings with a heavy paste acrylic. The unique texture of each piece lends an organic feel to her paintings.
Jane’s work has been exhibited nationally, has won several awards, and is widely collected by both individuals and corporations. Jane lives in Colorado, where she continues to be inspired by the natural beauty surrounding her. Website

. Daily Paintings by Ria Hills
Ria is an award winning, self-taught contemporary pastel painter. Her work can be found in private collections throughout the Americas and Europe. In 2006 she set a goal to complete a painting a day by joining The Daily Painters making small works more affordable to collectors. Food art has become a favorite subject of Ria's, as well as to her collectors.

. Dancing Brush - Art by Cheri Wollenberg
I am very blessed to be able to paint almost every day. I am a retired art teacher from Oklahoma. I find inspiration for paintings of animals and landscapes from the countryside surrounding our farm there. I also paint out of sheer enjoyment of placing the medium on canvas, honing my skills and experiencing the creative process. Many of my still life paintings are vignettes of proposed larger paintings or collections of favorite objects, flowers, or fruit that prompt reaction of the senses. I have a desire to pursue excellence in both painting and living a life worthy of my Creator and Master Designer.

. Dancing for beginners
I was born in heart of the U.K Midlands in a town called Derby in 1961. I have always lived there..I enjoy the multi cultural and multi ethnic makeup of the area. After finishing school, I went on to complete a foundation year in art and design but opted not to continue to university. Instead I trained as a nurse. It was during this period that I took up my pens and started using the technique I use to this day. I continued to earn my living in a variety of employments including cook, Postman, Homelessness and resettlement advice, Occupational Therapy support and Residential Childcare. In 2005 I was made redundant and decided that the time was right to do what I had always dreamt of doing; working full time on my art. With Arts Council England funding, I was able to develop my art, and lead successful projects within Derby schools and a residential home for the elderly.I have exhibited in a number of solo and group settings and feature regularly at at regional Arts Festivals.I write a successful Web Log to which I publish a daily update of my work.

. Dancing Strokes
. DaniDraws.com - In-depth illustration tutorials, tips, and video demos

. Daria's Collages
Daria Hlazatova, Ukraine
Daria’s Collages is a collection of my hand-made collages, inspired by classic movies, fashion, poetry, theatre, fairy-tales and the dull view from my window.
With a little help of paper, paints, glue and large helpings of forced seriousness, naivety and some first-class oddment I create my cutout ladies and gentlemen from all the things that meet my sharp scissors. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing what I enjoy doing most.

. Darla Dixon - Fine Art Portraits Drawn from Photos
. Darla Yancho - Blog

. David g. Derrick Jr sculptor
My name is David Derrick and I am an artist working in the Los Angeles area both as a fine artist and as a story board artist for DreamWorks Feature Animation.

. Days of Pleiades Studio
Itsuko Kiyokawa
Joy of painting, eating and living of a Japanese artist.
Artist Statement
Since childhood, I have been exposed to the philosophy that we should respect nature. There is an invisible power in mountains, trees, water, and even in the sound of wind. When I wander through nature, the composition of colors and shapes, and the smell of air, speak to my spiritual core. My deep respect for nature has had a definitive influence on my life and my art: The visual motifs in my paintings are derived from images of the ever-changing forms found in the natural environment. When my eyes perceive a tree or shadow as they exist in the real world, my subconscious wants to address the invisible reality of life. Fleeting imagery of nature also mirrors the short radiance of our life as humans ordained by natural province. It is here that I recognize the ephemeral essence of human existence. Thus, my inner reflections about humanity and all of the images I see in reality are transferred to colors and shapes that are interwoven in each canvas.

. Deano's Den
I enjoy painting all subjects. To cause a viewer to pause and see the beauty in even a mundane object. But I must admit my special interest is animals of all sorts.

. Debbie Overton Designs

. Deborah Paris - A Painting Life

. Deborah Ross
After teaching elementary school for years, I've found myself in the enviable position of being able to create art every day. And I do, as much as my schedule allows.
My favorite medium is colored pencils, but I'm using acrylics more and more. I like the control the pencil gives me and I like the freedom the acrylic gives me. I would say my work is in transition now, and it's exciting!

. deCloned
. Delineate Design

. Degryse Gilbert
My art is situated around an approach to tension and balance.
Founded materials are the centres of my concerns.

. Designer’s Depot
I have always loved art ever since I was just a child. I was fascinated by the artworks of other great artists. My first inspiration came from comic books, but then I discovered other works of art which exposed me to the vast world of art. Currently, I am working as a graphic artist and takes freelance jobs at night. I started a blog dedicated to artists and art lovers alike and also to introduce other people to the wondrous world of art. I never cease to explore new works of art and tend to learn something new with each artworks that I do. My love for art is still the same as I was when I first held a pencil in my hand and began to draw my first artwork.

. Diahn Ott
. Diane Clancy’s Art Blog

. diracti.
diracti is a pop contemporary art blog where I upload photos and videos

. Di Connolly Art
New Zealand Artist specializing in Oils and Acrylics.
I am a New Zealand Artist residing at Doubtless Bay in the Far North of New Zealand and specialize in Oil and Acrylic painting - Oils I began using back in the mid 1970s and Acrylics more recently as 2003. I enjoy using both for different styles of painting yet regardless of which medium I paint with, color in all it's brilliance features strongly in my work. Besides having good clear light and warm, sunny surroundings here, my 2 horses and 3 cats offer much inspiration for my artwork too. My original paintings are in collections all over New Zealand as well as other countries.

Living in Color!
Stephanie Jordan
I am a Mixed Media Artist who has been teaching and creating Mixed Media Art, Paper Crafts and Jewelry making for over 20 years. I have a website and currently operate two blogs: my new blog, and another blog The Altered Divas!. I love, live and breathe Art. :-)

. Dordogne Painting Days

. Down & Dirty
I'm 2 parts gypsy, 1 part soothsayer and 3 parts historian of pasts that never were... a singer of songs, a teller of tales, a keeper of myths, a creator & peddler of things slightly skewed. I am a photographer, knitter, painter, lover & fighter who is constantly on a quest to learn, discover and create. My alter-ego is a massage
therapist, reiki master and mild mannered adorer of cats.
I am currently influenced by: * the swans * crash worship * diamanda galas * zoe keating * the chromatics * memento mori * traditional mountain music * the civil war * lacy goodness * ghosts * tintypes * broken hearts * circus sideshows * the victorian era

. drawings & sketches - dibujandoarte

. DouDy Sketche
A beginner artist with a passion for using watercolors and enjoys also working with pastels and Ink.
to contact me please send me an

. Drawing a Fine Line
. Drawing on Nature
. draw the line

. Dreams of an Artist
Some of Shea Holliman's Art and Thoughts
I graduated from Murray State University in 1999. I served in the army for nearly nine years. I've been to many interesting places. I paint. I live in Kentucky.

. Driver-Art.co.uk
Driver Art are Steve and Louise Driver husband and wife artists from Newcastle, England. We are both self taught artists and aim to provide affordable contemporary art. This blog documents and showcases the works of the artists as well as tips and techniques about oil painting and art in general. Works in progress can be seen posted regularly with the thoughts and ideas of the artist as the work transpires. Website

. DruantiaArt
. Dust Off the Butterfly

. Paintings by Wyn Easton
Wyn has always been creative, whether it was through drafting, architectural drawing, or woodworking. After many years in the corporate world using his technical and programming skills he is enjoying the freedom to paint almost everyday. He discovered oil painting during his last few years at IBM. Wyn said "I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life from the first time I completed a painting."
He has studied with some of the best artists in the country. They include Armand Cabrera, Ann Templeton, Bob Rohm, and Rick McClure. Wyn is a member of several painting organizations and he has exhibited his works at galleries in Raleigh, Winston Salem, and Topsail Island. He has also had his works selected for many juried shows. They include The Durham Arts Guild Annual Show, The Fine Arts League of Cary Annual show, and The Visual Art Exchange New Show.
Wyn says, "What I like best is to go outside and paint. There is nothing else like it. Letting Nature guide me towards her beauty is exciting. If I can bring a small part of that beauty and excitement to the canvas, I'm happy.”


. ∑duardo Castells
I am an Artist from Barcelona currently living in London.

. EEIArt
Elena E. Iliyuykhina
I was born in Mosow, Russia. In my childhood, I developed a deep appreciation and love for art, gaining exposure to the greatest artworks of Russian and Western masters in the country's best art museums. I was trained in the Russian school of painting.
Now I call Los Angeles home.
I paint everyday - sometimes all day.
My inspiration comes from the beauty of nature. I'm fascinated by European landscapes, and Russian in particular with their lyrical charm. My genre could be described as the "mood landscapes". I'm also inspired by people I meet and things that I find beautiful. Website

. Eileen Adele Hale Art Blog
. Eileen Adele Hale Painting a Day
. Ellis Nadler's Sketchbook
. Elusive Hues
. Emele’s Blog.
. Emila's Illustrated Blog
. Everything is Contextual

. Eyestimulus
Hi, my Name is Maurice Sampson, I'm 26, I'm a fine art major at the Academy Of Art University in San Francisco, I love painting, drawing, sketching, walking my dogs, going to gallerys, and surfing.

. ...failed painter

. FashionLifeCoach.

. Felicity's Philosophies and Other Curiosities
. fiberstudio
. Fine Artworks and Original Paintings From A Creaky Easel
. Finders! Keepers? Art Project
. Fiji Island Mermaid Press
. Floating Lemons: Bit by Bit Blog

. flowering NOSE
Vicki Fisher writes a blog about her son Seth Fisher's artwork. He died in 2006, but his work is so wonderful that she feels that it needs to stay out in the open somewhere. She writes, about 4 or 5 times a week, posting a page of his original artwork and writing some commentary about it.
Seth was 33 when he died. He had wanted to be a comic book artist since he was in 7th grade, and was willing to do whatever was necessary to achieve that aim. He was self-taught, devouring the work of artists such as Moebius, Katsuhiro Otomo, and Winsor McCay, and just taking his work to the comic conventions for critique every year until he thought he was ready. When he was ready, he found an aspiring comic book writer and the two of them collaborated on a story. Seth spent a year drawing the pictures, 140+ pages of them, which they submitted to the Vertigo section of DC Comics. DC bought it outright, and had it published. That was Seth's entrée into comic book illustrating. He never stopped growing and changing. It was important to him that his work never be static or ordinary. He wanted each page he did to be better than the last.
Day Ninety-Five: The Fisher King
A tribute to Seth by Alkennedy

. foothills & highlands

. French Belles by Marie Theron
Costumed parties, toile de Jouy designs, Art Nouveau, bobbed and cropped hair, cloche hats,Louise Brooks, Clara Bow, "It" girls and silent movies, shorter dresses, higher heels,silk stockings and bobbed hair and everything femine and Parisian, Twenties and vintage!

. Foxtinas lair
I am named Christina Vosloo enjoying the family company of a husband and a daughter.
. . . living on the southern point of Africa in a smallish town - keeping busy by earning a living, knitting, painting, reading, gardening and love a cup of good pure home brewed coffee . . .
I am a weekend painter, a weekday worker and an all-week creator. I love colour and all things beautiful. I only paint things that touch my soul; and by sharing give praise to the Great Creator.

. Galina Nikolova

. Genuine Expressions
Fine Art by Candy Prather
Candy Prather and her wonderfully supportive husband, R.A., are native Texans who have raised three children together and are now enjoying an abundance of grandchildren. In her spare time, Candy can be found in her small home studio in Rockwall doing one of her favorite things - painting. Candy credits her development as an artist to her apprenticeship to a well-known commercial artist and the local classes and workshops she has taken for her creative and artistic growth. She has exhibited locally at the Texas Roast, Candlelight & Lampposts, The Hilton Bella Harbor Fine Art Gallery, Wylie Art Gallery, and Rockwall Art League's Annual Fall Art Show/Sale in 2007 - 2009. Candy enjoys her membership with the Rockwall Art League. A variety of mediums - pencil, pastels, charcoal - were used when Candy first began her journey into the visual arts in 2003. A few years later, she discovered oils and has never looked back. "Creating paintings that speak to the heart" is her life's ambition. Candy's work is a reflection of her spirit and her positive approach to life, with her passion being portraits and people. She relies on God's guidance and the inspiration from her love for Him as she continues to study and develop her talent in painting.

. get painted !!!!

Hi!, I´m a spanish girl born in A Coruña, north of Spain.
I studied, fashion design and graphic design, and now, I´m living in Madrid.
My inspirations to design and draw, could be:
A song, a film, a picture, a paint...and everything that makes me excited!
Also, I play drums or washboard, in this bands:
I love music too!.
... And especially, vintage things.

. Glenn Trey Bryan III

Original Oil & Acrylic Paintings by Lizette Virissimo
I am an artist who has recently started blogging on blogspot. I just graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Anthropology and Art History. Throughout my college years I worked as an art teacher at different private and public elementary schools around Phoenix. Now that school is out of the way, I have decided to fully commit myself to my true passion and talent which is painting. I am determined to paint and get my works out into the public. I figured I'm young and have a whole life to dedicate to my artwork so why not?

. go flying turtle !
a blog about some things i like and some stuff i make
Steve Loya is an artist and art teacher residing in Northern Virginia. Watercolors, pen and ink, and acrylics are his mediums of choice. His subject matter is influenced by the natural world, pop culture and the subconscious, while his style is a merging of traditional and experimental techniques.

. Graf Nature Photography Notes from the woods

. GretaMichelle: Pieces Of My World
Greta Michelle Joachim
Art became my passion in my adult life. I always wanted to paint the landscapes I would see in my travels but felt that I couldn’t. It wasn’t until I was thrust into a maelstrom that I was able to experience, through God’s divine intervention, the awakening of my artistic abilities.
I love nature and all natural forms. I am fascinated by the ocean and the beaches in my island home of Trinidad and Tobago.
It is through the study of nature and the water that I am drawn even more into a love relationship with God and my art.
My style is Impressionistic.
Largely self taught.
Courses in values and colour theory at: Ian Attongs School of Art
Two semesters at Creative Arts Centre, UWI St Augustine
Reads religiously and collects art books.
I have a love of art history; especially history of the Impressionist Age.

. Gretchen Bjornson ART
I am a life long artist particularly drawn to the fluidity and challenges of painting in watercolors. Although I also enjoy pen and ink as well as other mediums, watercolor is my all time favorite. In high school I was selected to take an honors drawing course at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. A graduate of the University of Findlay in Ohio, I hold bachelors degrees in Equestrian Studies and Art. The horse industry didn't work out for me, although horses still remain a passion of mine.
I am married and have two boys. In my free time I have been working on marketing my art and managing my art blog. The art blog has been a great tool to use as an incentive to keep painting as well as a wonderful way to network with other artists. I have also launched my own art program for kids. I believe that having been given such a wonderful God given talent, it's my responsibility to share it with others through my paintings and drawings.

. Gulzar Junaid
. Gurney Journey
. Have Dogs, Will Travel
. heArt-a-Day

. Helen Stead
Mixed Media Artist
My name is Helen Stead, I am currently studying for a degree in Visual Arts at the University of Salford in England and I specialise in Fibre Art and Mixed Media pieces. Website

. Helen Walker's Art Portfolio
My artist’s life...
I spent my early life on a farm and water was precious. Holidays were exciting things and always included water. They became my gateway to the harbour, beaches, boating, canoeing and all water sports. In adult life the water thing just kept on happening. I loved the play of light, the transparency and movement. Several courses later I continue to paint that which first attracted: water and figures, the movement and joy of life. I like to invoke the pleasures the waterside has provide for me and many others. I think my paintings reflect back on those simple common things we did. These images include confidences at the beach with friends, reading the day away, and all those other personal beach parties that we have all shared in. I love the play of colour and light on the body and through the water to the hidden unexpected depths below.
My other lives....
Mother, wife, physics teacher. Believer in the multiverse theory ( the existence of more than one universe), aliens and change. I love Einstein, mathematics, space time and Dr Who.
To paint the universe in all its fascinating layers and to be an alien one day soon.

. H.M.Craig
My paintings are usually large, the subjects (floral still life) are bathed in light and very colorful. I very much enjoy painting them.

. Hogan's Blog
The Art Garage
Hi I'm Alan Hogan, and I live in a small town called Karis (Karjaa in Finnish) in southern Finland.
I have been interested in painting since a young age. I was born in Ireland and I spent all of my school years in an all-boy school. Art was not encouraged much during my time as a student but I persisted to continue with it whether as a profession or a hobby. After graduating from art college in Ireland I spent many years making a living in the print industry before moving to Finland. This is where I have now re-ignited my passion for art and painting. I now work full-time as an artist from my home studio here in Finland. It's been a long and sometimes difficult journey, but I am confident and happy with my work right now. I want to share my work with you here and I hope you enjoy what you see.
... I want to thank everyone who has encouraged me to continue to paint. Please visit my website and my blog, I am very grateful for all your comments!!!

. Holycarpet

. Hot Rocks Unique Designer Jewelry
I name every bracelet and necklace after a song, usually classic rock or rock/pop related so take a peek perhaps you will see your special song immortalized into a wonderful piece of jewelry! Inspired by nature, color fashion and music and the beads themselves, my designs range from whimsical to elegant. I like to experiment with new ideas...or ideas that I think are new working with precious metals, artisan lampwork beads created by hand, by talented artisans, as well as imported Venetian glass beads, vintage and contemporary Swarovski crystals, semi precious stones and freshwater pearls. I am obsessed with vintage beads, such as lucite and german glass beads, but I am especially passionate about vintage Swarovski crystals. I try to incorporate them into my designs as often as I can. All my creations are original and one of a kind.

. Hudson Valley Painter
. I am Art
. Ian Jones Photo Blog
. iHanna’s Creative Space

. Illustrated Life
I am an artist living on the northeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada. I am exploring life around me through sketches, drawings, paintings, photos and writing. My main interest is in dry media, but I tend to experiment in all kinds. Portraiture of people and animals I enjoy most and am involved in a current project of creating art from water.

. Images and Imagination
After receiving the MA in history of literature and linguistics and working more than 15 years in the computer industry Voegtle began to carve wood in the late 90's.
Extensive travels to southeast Asian countries influenced her early art style.
These days Voegtle's work is concentrating on painting, using different materials such as silk, rayon, cotton and media such as silk dye paints as well as acrylics. Incorporating textures has become a new feature in her range of work. Subjects have changed from richly ornamentive imagery to the sincerity of landscapes and special places as well as a nearly photorealisitc documentation of her nearest environment and travelling experiences. Voegtle has shown her work all over the United States and Europe. Her work continues to travel the world and tries to reach people's minds.

. Images with Personality

. Imaginary Michael Powell
My name is Michael Powell.
I live in Conwy, North Wales where i spend my time writing stories, drawing pictures and making things from things i find as i wander by the sea and amongst the mountains.
I am currently very interested in and influenced by Norse God myths, Hermann Hesse, dreams, Alan Watts and the natural world. Website

. Imagination of Francis Vallejo
. I'm Losing My Edge

Kim is a well-rounded illustrator, graphic designer and interactive art director with more than 17 years of advertising and marketing experience. She attended the Savannah College of Art & Design on a full scholarship in 1990. She has widely exhibited in galleries and art shows over the last 20 years. She creates artworks in a wide variety of styles and media; digital, color pencil, oil, acrylic, pastels, resin, assemblage ...the media is defined by the concept and the style needed for each project. Her latest series of illustrations depict figures in hues that seem once vivid, and are now faded. She transports viewers into a dream-like world where mythical characters tell ancient tales of enchantment. Perspective and composition evoke Medieval and Renaissance icons.

. In and Out of The Studio

. Indigenous Dialogues
My name is Zaina Anwar. I am a self taught professional painter and a writer based in Islamabad, Pakistan. My blog features my paintings and drawings interspersed with bits of poetry and short stories. My art is deeply influenced by the intensely rich but long forgotten traditions of the Native American and African Indigenous people as well as traditional motifs from my own culture. As far as my poetry and fictional work is concerned, do take a peek, for it will take you back in time to the world of Gothic literature and horror.

. Indigo Blah
. ...in my spare time
. Intangible Arts

. IrelandBrady - Musings To Ponder
Karen Anne Brady aka IrelandBrady is a self-educated artist who resides in the great Pacific Northwest along with her husband and miniature pinscher, Danny Boy. Karen and Jim have three terrific kids who have blessed them with ten wonderful grandchildren.
Even though Karen Anne has received no formal art education, she has been actively creating for as long as she can remember. In her life time she has produced paintings as large as 12 feet high, completed wall murals, excels in wood burning and many other artistic medias.
Karen Anne prefers to create illustrations that bring a smile and a pleasant memory or two to the viewer. She retired from selling personal lines insurance in about 2006 and is thoroughly enjoying her retirement days pursuing creative venues. Her present passion is working with Niji Waterbrushes and Yarka water colors. Her goal is to bring more dimension and imagination to her pieces.
Karen Anne welcomes visitors to her Etsy Shop and her blog.....
Karen's ETSY:

. Jackal

. Jacqueline McIntyre..... Art from My Easel
Original Oil paintings and Mixed Media
My love of art began at an early age with a box of crayons. I fell in love with all the colors in the box. As long as I can remember paintings or ideas have always been mulling around in my head. For me, part of the creative process is the enjoyment of exploring those new ideas.
Most of my recent work has been in oils. My paintings are usually about nature, in particular flowers. I find myself fascinated by the forms, color and uniqueness of each flower whether they are living or dried. When dried the petals curl and twist in so many interesting shapes, sometimes forming beautiful abstract patterns, it’s almost as if they have danced into their new form.”
Additionally I also find the pods left behind after the petals have fallen off will present some unique and colorful abstract shapes. The challenge for me is to capture the feeling the flowers convey to me and to compose them on the canvas. With some of my flower compositions I try to impart the movement the dried petals have taken.
Another side to my creativity is the challenge of creating Collages and Assemblages. I was a picture framer for many years and when I work on an Assemblage it often takes me back to those years when I had to put a customers memorabilia into some sort of neat order and balance. Working on a Collage allows me to be much freer and more expressive with ideas. In my recent Collages I have been incorporating birds along with the flower. I never quite know the direction the Collage will take and many times it is surprise for me to see the end result.
My paintings have won a number of local awards and are in many private collections.

. Jafabrit's Art
Most of my work is impulse driven, which means I create art when I am moved by something specific. It can be sparked by a photograph, a face, a sunset, a flower, a news story, a word, a feeling or a dream. It’s a way of taking what’s inside, my hidden self, and expressing through the work of my hands a visual language. It is not only very gratifying to see if I can create art that expresses how I feel, but also when it connects or resonates with viewers.
I like the freedom to work between genres, disciplines, mediums, between fine art and craft, high art and low art. This allows form to be dictated by the content and not restricted by discipline. Despite having a broad range of work the common thread is that I always use black as my base whether I am painting on wood, stone or canvas. Sometimes I am moved to cut or sand a painting down, or add other elements, or reformat it, but it is always the content that dictates what will happen to a piece. [

. Jana’s Journal and Sketch Blog
. Jana Van Wyk

. Jane E Porter
Jane E graduated from Grays School obtaining a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. She works as a fine artist and designer, specialising in painting, collage, photography and digital media. Social issues are her main inspiration, mainly using the human form to portray different concepts.
On leaving school, she travelled extensively and then went on to study psychology, hypnotherapy and sociology before completing a BA (Hons) in fine art. She is now a practicing artist, copywriter and designer and has exhibited independently and in group shows in the UK and New York. She has works held in the UK, US, Australia and The Middle East.

. Janeys Journey

. Jara Frisk
Painter/Illustrator living in Minneapolis/St Paul Minnesota, I work in Oils, Acrylics, Pastel, Colored Pencils, and charcoal. I consider myself a "contemporary fauvist", a colorist. I only sell original work. It's great living a creative life and I adore it.

. Jean Levert Hood
Texas Hill Country Painter
My paintings are about bold, clean strokes, thick with rich, sometimes surprising, colors that express what I see and feel when painting. My hope is that in the end I have engaged the emotions of those who look at my work.

. Jeannette's Illustration Sketchblog
. Jelaine Faunce Studio

. Jemima Hunt
I am a freelance illustrator living and working in Poole. I use a range of media including; monoprint, collage and ink. I studied at the Arts University College at Bournemouth where I obtained my BA in Illustration, and an FdA Foundation Degree in Visual Communication. Website

. Jennie’s Palette
. JimiDemetriou.com

. Jo-Ann Dziubek-MacDonald
I am a visual artist working primarily in watercolor and acrylic paint. I am truly inspired by nature, and its beautiful and serene energy.
Painting with watercolor and acrylic is my passion and I have been painting for 20+ years now. My art is an expression of my thoughts and experiences.
Being in nature is what inspires me to paint as I love to take that incredibly beautiful and serene energy back home with me and share it with others.
I am married and the mother of two beautiful boys. I am also a Reiki master/teacher which I enjoy incorporating this loving energy into my artworks.

. Jo-Ann Sanborn Daily
. Jo Castillo Art Blog
. Jong’s Photography Log

I have been doing artwork since I was a small child. That gives me about 43 years of experience. I majored in art in high school and took a few college art courses as well as an intensive airbrush class taught by Dru Blair. Most of my work is done in oils these days, but I also work in pencil, pastel, and color pencil I also have several DVDs for sale teaching the some of the art techniques that I use. More DVDs are in the works, including some with guess artists.
I have been selling my art for the last 25 years and have had my work featured on trading cards, prints and in magazines. I have sold in galleries and to private collectors from all around the world.
I live in Western New York with my three kids, three cats, one dog and the love of my life. It is definitely a full house. I try to create art at least 5 days a week.

. Judith HeartSong
~ an Artsy Blog
Daily life lived exuberantly and to the fullest, some funny tales, and process photos and finished paintings along the way.

Romantic Pop
Women, flowers, and nature - the seemingly unrelated objects of my attention for more than twenty-five years of painting. The seamless flow of one beautiful thing into another beautiful thing in a continuum that makes perfect sense to me. Woman as ethereal goddess, flowers as iconic subjects, and paintings of insects and animals that have come from my direct experience of the natural world - although they might be rendered with the dreamlike qualities of the slumbering mind.
Artist Website

. Judy Rey Wasserman's UnGraven Image

. Just Painting
Paintings by artist Mary Sheehan Winn
I've been painting all my life and have been blogging since 2005.
It is a thrill connecting with other artists and to have my paintings seen all over the world because of the blogosphere.

. Kate Fox Art
I graduated from Kingston University wiht BA(Hons) Fine Art. The main subject of my work is wildlife and nature, but also do portraits of people and pets. After traveling and doing volunteer work in South Africa with Lions I became mostly interested in photography. My interests are the amazing images and colours that we find in nature and the beauty of wildlife. I now live in Melbourne Australia, where I am still taking photos and painting.

. Katie m. Berggren
Coming from a background in graphic design and illustration, in 2004, Katie was drawn to focus exclusively on painting, and in 2007 vowed to paint every day in her Kalama Washington studio igniting a nearly unquenchable passion for process, creation and discovery.
"My current work stylizes intimate daily moments of life - grabs hold of the tactile and visible affection between mother and child. The new paintings evoke light and texture - playing with how two or more confident figures can fold, bond and tuck together within a whimsical atmosphere of energy and sparkle."

. Kathleen Rietz - Artist

My paintings reshape the process of the subconscious mind. I usually visualize and characterize the thought process before it gradually evolves to an idea. I have always been fascinated with nature and objects that enhance my focus. My method uses analogy and reality. I reflect on life and family to gather some images. I allow the Holy Spirit to create my subject matter.
Emotion and action are vital to my work I break down colors and create layers that are irresistible.The elements that visually express my technique are specific objects. They create form and add to the canvas. The objects are often chosen at random, but find significant ways to tell the story in the painting.
2009- Juried Art Showcase- (Artslant)
2009- 1000market member
BAP 'Members Choice' Best of 2008 Second Place Award
VASTfor Etsy member
2008- Fine Art America member
2005-2006 Freeman Cultural Art Exhibition
2005- Delaware County Chamber of Commerce 5th Annual Riverfront Ramble
2005- Media Art & Craft Fair
2004- Exhibition at New Life Ministries Int'l


. Kirsten Lei - Fine art oil painter
I grew up overseas. At the time naive to the experience that was, to me, daily life. Looking back, I now see how experiencing foreign cultures has shaped my views and become part of the person I am today. I am passionate about all of life. Nothing centers me more than spending time with my hands in the dirt, playing in the sun, or standing at my easel covered in paint, coaxing life onto an empty canvas, inspired by my own thoughts and by the world I see. I am not a painter, I paint...to give love, beauty, life, but mostly to give of myself. My abstracts are colorfully organic conveying a sense of depth, mystery and light.

. kitty art
. knack for art
. Kris Cahill Presents…
. KV Creative Designs
. La Casuni
. laketrees
. Landscape Into Art
. Laurelines
. Lines and Colors
. Leanne Wildermuth : Artist by Nature Blog

. Learn to... Art!
My site features articles, lessons and tutorials, as well as my work.
My work fits into two very different and unrelated categorie: realism and abstract. Each style allows me to challenge different parts of my personality. Drawing realistically indulges the side of me that loves detail and is a perfectionist. It challenges me technically and I am always pushing to create more accurate drawings. My abstract works allow me to explore my interest in colour, form and depth. I am able to work loosely and fluidly, reacting to the painting as I go.

. Leet Gallery
. Les dessins de Daniel

. Lifeweavings: A Creative Journey
Joni Beach
Mixed Media
I am an artist and educator. My focus is on textile art—art quilts, mixed media, and artwear designs. My blog’s focus is on
“The art of life...creativity in human development and artistic expression.”

Read about travels, recipes, and my process of painting at
Linda Blondheim Art Notes
larger paintings and commissions
web site

. Linda Wilder Creative Expressions
Artist Statement
“As an impressionistic artist, I paint with great enthusiasm and abandon. I create 24 hours a day…maybe not by holding a brush but by seeing, thinking and feeling. With intuitive energy and the use of bold strokes, light and texture, I strive to capture the mood and emotion of my environment. Looking at the world as one huge canvas enables me enough passion and inspiration to fill a lifetime. My subject matter is as diverse as my tools and as a prolific artist, I find myself constantly experimenting with my creativity and am constantly changing and evolving, a necessity for my growth and thus avoiding the pitfalls of boredom.”
Artist Biography
Growing up as an ‘air force brat’, I travelled extensively across Canada, and as a working adult, eventually settled in Alberta. My creative ability was readily evident as a child and following my destiny, in the early 80’s, obtained my formal art education at Red Deer College and then The University of Calgary. Although life’s paths and endeavors took me in many directions, my passion for art was never lost. With a renewed sense of purpose and unbound passion I now have been painting fulltime since 2005. I have been affiliated with many art organizations in St Albert and Edmonton and since moving back to Calgary, have become a member of The Federation of Canadian Artists and The Leighton Center. I am an active participant in the art community having attended numerous workshops and have shown my work in various galleries, juried group and solo exhibits, Spruce Meadows Equi-Fair, as well as the Calgary Stampede Western Art Gallery and Art Auction, of which I won best new artist and best of show in the gallery. I am strongly pursuing and looking forward, to a long and fulfilling art career.

. Lisa Call - Contemporary Textile Art
I'm a visual artist that creates abstract contemporary textile paintings composed of my richly colored hand dyed fabric. My award winning artwork is exhibited internationally and included in numerous private and public collections.
I just built a new state of the art textile art studio and am always happy to schedule a studio visit if you would like a tour or to see my artwork in person if you are ever in Denver.
I'm the creator and author of MakeBigArt - a website and blog featuring articles to empower artists - to think big about their art, their marketing and their lives.
I am also a full time software engineer working in social CRM (customer relationship management) for Oracle. I'm a single mother to 2 wonderful teenagers and fill my free hours with yoga, hiking, gardening, cooking and reading.

. Lisa Lorenz Studio Blog
Lisa (Lariviere), Lorenz was born in Montreal, Canada and has been drawing and painting exuberantly since childhood and her talent expands over many years. After living overseas for over 13 years, she has recently moved back to her native Canada and now lives in Ottawa.
She studied graphic design and advertising at Concordia University. Her work led her outside the art world and she pursed a career with a major railway for over 9 years. In 1996 she moved overseas with her husband and was given the opportunity to once again discover her artistic side. She started painting again taking several art classes and workshops in Europe and Asia.
She has lived in Basel, Switzerland, Seoul, Korea and Copenhagen, Denmark and has traveled extensively and many of her paintings are often based on her travels through Europe and Asia. Painting her impressions is her way of remembering and sharing such colorful memories.
Lisa is an artist who uses a radiant palette to create her colourful and stylized paintings. Her work is characterized by joyful compositions, exaggerated perspectives and her strikingly effective use of colours and pattern. Her playful, lively, vivid compositions all evoke in us a sense of happiness and a smile. Her paintings are consistently fun to look at and even have a slightly youthful quality to them without being childish. Her paintings are guaranteed to brighten up your day.
Over the years, her colourful and stylized paintings have grown and become more creative, vibrant and distinct in style. Her work hangs in private collections in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

. Little glimpses folk art
i grew up in a little town in northwest texas, and i had plenty of room to GROW in ways so necessary to nurture a creative soul. BUT, before i knew it, some of those little girl joys were packed away in “yesterday”.
in early 2006, i started making primitive folk art dolls which, i can see now, set the stage just perfectly for that little girl artist to wake up inside of me.
in february 2008, mixed media folk art painting grabbed a hold of me (see. told ya i'm from texas!), and i am thrilled about it. i especially love the fact that i'm able to express the beauty of my spiritual journey and ethnic heritage in ways i never dreamed.
a few of my favorite things ♥♥♥ paint on my hands, pretty paper, vintage “junk” canvases, ribbons & trims, acrylic paints, singing/songwriting, watercolor collage, encouragement from my little wild things, fabric, creating in the wee hours of the morning, music (folk, old R&B, classical, good ol’ gospel, jazz), vintage decor.
at 30-something, i can say without a doubt that i absolutely, positively love what i've been given to give away ~"ooo-dles of faith, hope & love...in living color"!
♫ mystele ♫

. Little Paintings
. Liz Patterson Art Journal
. Lizzie Bean

. Lola Dupré - Wasted hours
I am an artist, and a mother. I find my inspiration on the faces of the people i see in my day-to-day life. My work is mixed-media, and i try to combine media for a detailed effect. I try to update my art blog as often as possible with new works that i make here in Glasgow Scotland in my small studio room.

I am a plein air painter, and the leader of the plein air painters of the Treasure Coast. I am also a member of the Daily Painter's Gallery. Website

. Loryn Spangler-Jones
Loryn Spangler-Jones is a mixed media artist living in Lancaster, Pa with her husband and three sons. Painting since 1997, she has had no formal training and is instead self trained and paints intuitively. Spangler-Jones has exhibited locally as well as participated in open exhibitions in New York and the UK. Her work can currently be found at 2nd Street Gallery in Harrisburg, PA. She is an active member with a number of online galleries and online artist communities, where her work has been featured on several occasions. Spangler-Jones has had pieces published on several different occasions including in the book, The Pulse of Mixed Media, by New York based artist Seth Apter.
Most of Spangler-Jones’s work is inspired by her own life’s journey and her path to self discovery. She is passionate with her work and “lives to create” and “creates to live.” Her symbiotic relationship with her work makes her both prolific and emotionally invested in every piece she creates.

. Luann Udell

. Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography
I’m an American abstract painter and photographer with a passion for color and the forms of nature. Even as a young child, I felt awed by the wonders of nature. As an adult, I realize that my love of beauty has inspired my life.
My paintings are energetic and active, reflecting the intricacy and changing flow of consciousness, as well as the impermanence of what we call “objective” reality. My work exhibits order within chaos, much as we experience layers of organization within the complexity and disorder of both civilization and the natural world. While my appreciation for the beauty of reality is expressed through the realism of a camera, my paintings are marked by passages of vibrant color, gesture, and rhythm.
When I paint, I prefer the ambiguity, freedom and musicality of abstraction. For me the act of painting is like a dance that connects me to the elemental and primordial forces underpinning our shifting and evolving everyday reality.
My photographs provide an intense joy and engagement for me, as well, and include nature scenes as well as close-ups of minerals, shells, and botanicals, and unique views of everyday objects.
I’ve shown my art in numerous juried and solo shows in the New York area.


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