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. Abstract Art Paintings by CGuedez

. A DailyDoodle
I am a 26 year old father of 2. I work as a Flash / Multimedia developer full-time and love to create fun art in my free-time. I also do freelance illustration and animation in-between the two. I was raised in New Jersey but currently reside in Salt Lake Utah. I love to meet creative people. I love being creative. I love being a dad, and a husband. Website

. A Cotswold Sketchbook
A Painting a Day by Nigel Fletcher

. A Day in the Life of a NOBODY - NYC Street artist TMNK

Using the Line as a Visual Communications Tool

. Adventures of Tina and Mr. Bee
. Aerten Art
. Africantapestry
. A Girl, A Designer, A Photographer, A Geek.

. Alfred Currier Studio
I've been an artist for most of my life though more intense these past 25 years. Originally from Ohio, I taught at the Palette and Chisel Academy in Chicago, then moved to the Anacortes, Washington in 1991, where I find constant inspiration.
My work takes on two basic faces. The first and oldest is my plein air oil painting. It is simply a response to nature and it’s environs with all it’s complexities. For me it is a time of great enjoyment probably equal to a fly fisherman in peak season or sailing on a broad reach with waters of glass. The most challenging part of plein air painting is the weather, but for a seasoned painter, you learn to adjust and cope. This would be my most comfortable or safest work.
The second and most demanding part of my work is my studio painting. These are impasto paintings and generally large in format. I start them with pencil sketches and try to make the subject matter take a rear seat to color and texture. With these paintings, I’m constantly drawing from within, which pushes the anxiety level to great heights. Trying to be creative, archival, and establishing my own identity would be my goals in this work. The key to this work is getting myself in that certain mental zone where I lose all concepts of time and space. This would be the most rewarding part of my work with also the greatest risks of failure.
In both cases I am inspired by the landscapes here in the Skagit Valley. In the end, for me, art is about the process of doing, and not the end product expected. Website

. Agapi Studios 1111
Beth Simpson
I have been painting for 20 years and studied at the Tate Gallery in London. I've been working on my portfolio in the past year as I lost everything in Katrina. I will be doing artshows again this fall.
I am strongly abstract tho artist like Miro and Picasso often called themselves individualists. I enjoy nature and and the art of ancient civilizations ... after all it all started back there somewhere. My journey enhances my ability to communicate the awing and complex world of our human spirit.

. A Life Lighter
Jay Anderson, from Scotland, started her baby designer steps after art college as a floor covering designer. Since then she has been a graphic designer, textile designer, fashion illustrator and childrenswear designer for most of the major companies in the UK eg Marks & Spencer, Next, Debenhams, Boots. As well as taking on commissioned work she lectures in art and design for one of the largest FE Colleges in Scotland. She enjoys travel and photography and has recently taken up screen printing again.

. All Pencils of Mine are Sugar-Plums
Daria Hlazatova, Ukraine
Named after Lewis Carroll’s syllogisms my blog will lead you to my humble dwelling, furnished with drawings, some paintings, occasional doodles and naïve views on the world. It is inhabited by wolves, rabbits, bears, ladies of a certain age and bowler-headed gentlemen. It contains a great deal of nonsense. And it confirms the universal truth that all pencils of mine are sugar-plums. Hope you'll enjoy your visit!

. am-art
. A Mouse in the House
. A Multi-Colored Life

. Amy Lilley Designs
Born, raised and educated in New York, my background is Fine Arts. My eye is well trained to notice the smallest of details. My pieces are classic, with a timeless quality, they are delicate yet striking usually with a flow of color and motion! Photography is also a passion. With the advent of the digital age, I use that same trained eye through the monitor of my digital camera, taking advantage of color saturations, macro close-ups and the full range of editing.

. An Abstract A Day / Un Abstrait Par Jour
. An Artist's Journal

. An artist's ramblings by Lynne Reichhart
I have always been an artist as long as I can remember. I took 20 years off to work as a Computer Analyst, but have finally returned to my first love – art.
After so many lost years, I can not bring myself to settle on just one medium or type of subject matter. I currently create work in several mediums including acrylic, watercolor and colored pencil, especially for smaller pieces. I also dabble in digital art by painting using a digital brush in a traditional manner.
I love to paint from real life. I think imperfection is much more interesting than perfection. If I see a spot of rust, I will paint it!


Angel's Artsy Blog! . Angel's Artsy Blog!

. Angela's Art
. angelato
. Angie Reed Garner
. Anna Sellers Art and Thoughts

. Anneke Stroebel
Arts and Creativity
I am a single 34 year old, living alone with my little terrier Alexa. I do things I like and love, my job as accountant in a local Travel Agency, I paint, I laugh, I search for love and I surround myself with wonderful people!
I started this site purely for my paintings and creativity. Recently after working in oils for a long time, I switched to watercolour. I love this medium…it’s free and challenging and I have a lot to learn. Can’t wait!!!!
I am outspoken and spontaneous, and I like order ….I think it shows in my paintings.

. Ann Tracy's Waiting for the Muse
Ann's fine art has been exhibited from Japan to Maui to New York City. In 2003 her work, "Stop" was included in the catalog of the "Violence Against Women" exhibition, Group 78 Amnesty International, Tokyo, Japan. Her digital painting "Message 3" has been juried into the 2008 edition of American Art Collector. She has also presented a creativity workshop to feature writers at the Sacramento Bee, a daily newspaper.
She has had solo shows during 2008 at Asylum Gallery and Luna's Café, both in Sacramento. Her work has recently been juried into the Digital Art Guild's show at the Bonita Museum near San Diego (10-11/2008) and will also exhibit in "Greetings from Nada Motel" at the Barrick Museum (UNLV) in Las Vegas from January to April of 2009.



. antonis art heart
I am a self taught painter with a degree in photography. I enjoy both. I have taken part in group exhibitions and my works are printed in books and catalogues. My most recent book illustration is the book "Play and Heal" by Harvey Katz. I am aslo working as a DJ and when I play the blues I take out my harmonica and jam. I believe that joy comes only when you express yourself!


. A Painting A Day Blog
Watercolor Paintings by ANDY SMITH,artist

. A PAINTING A DAY - Daily Artwork by Daniel Peci
Born in Skopje, Macedonia.
Graduated at The Academy of Fine Arts in Macedonia in Painting and Graphic Design in the Class of Professor Simon Semov.Member of Society of Artists of Macedonia.Currently he lives and works in Los Angeles, California.
His form of expression is usually the human figure in everyday settings, still life objects that evoke certain feelings, places or interiors that have personal or intimate values.
Gallery Representation: "Paragone Gallery", Beverly Hills,CA, " Independent Art Resources" Santa Monica, CA.Selected Exhibitions: 2002 Solo Exhibition, Museum of the City of Skopje, Macedonia.
2003 Group Exhibition, Downtown Los Angeles, California.
Daniel Peci's Paintings are hanging in private and corporate collections all over the world.
Publications: "Art in King Size Beds" by Michael K. Corbin "The Art of Everyday Joe" by Michael K. Corbin

. A Painting a Day by Veronica Escudero
Escudero is a contemporary artist. Her artwork is both spiritual and whimsical. From time to time she paints a more spiritual Christian image, and occasionally she lets loose and creates a fun and humorous piece. She refers to her art as Abstract Representational art because she paints with an imaginative point of view, while splattering figurative beings throughout her art.

Hall Groat II has been a fine artist for over 20 years. He currently is a Professor at Broome Community College in New York, where he teaches foundation courses in painting, drawing, color theory, and computer imagery.
Groat has had one-person exhibitions at Everson Museum of Art, Roberson Museum of Art, Finger Lakes Community College, Cazenovia College, Jasper Rand Art Museum, Lemoyne College, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, and Washington and Jefferson College.
In 2004 he was included in an exhibition at the Roberson Museum Center, entitled Cosmos and Chaos: A Cultural Paradox, with artists Lucian Freud, Eric Fischl, Jerome Witkin and several other contemporary artists. Groat's work was featured in a full-page advertisement in the January 2004 edition of ARTnews. In 2006 his work was purchased by a significant private collector to be included in a permanent collection alongside German artist, Lucian Freud.
Groat is included in private and public collections internationally, including actors, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, Clear Channel Communications, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cellular One, House and Garden, LTD., Sheraton Hotel Corporation, Binghamton University, Everson Museum of Art, Munson-Williams Proctor Institute of Art, The State University of New York system, Roberson Museum and Science Center and Washington Jefferson College.
In 2006 Groat became involved with the new international Postmodern movement called "A Painting a Day" which originated in the United States. This new model was introduced to the world by, Duane Keiser, from Richmond, Virginia, and emerged on a global scale in 2004 through the confluence of various cutting-edge cyber elements, including popular auction sites, blogs, youtube and message boards through Google Groups. This initial model has evolved into a global view of fine art, nurtured by the Internet's public domain status and free from the influence of traditional institutions.
Artist Philosophy
There are many things to see, unwrapped gifts and free surprises. The world is fairly studded and strewn with pennies cast broadside by a generous hand. But- and this is the point- who gets excited by a mere penny? If you follow one arrow, if you crouch motionless on a bank to watch a tremulous ripple thrill on the water and are rewarded by the sight of a muskrat paddling from its den, will you count that sight a chip of copper only, and go on your rueful way? It is dire poverty indeed when a man is so malnourished and fatigued that he won't stoop to pick up a penny. But if you cultivate a healthy poverty and simplicity, so that finding a penny will literally make your day, then, since the world is in fact planted in pennies, you have with your poverty bought a lifetime of days. It is that simple. What you see is what you get.
Annie Dillard from "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek."

. A Painting A Day Daily Postcard Paintings by Manuela Valenti
Manuela Valenti is a contemporary abstract and impressionist artist, one of those rare creatures on earth who can create literally anything with the same enthusiasm. Her passion for painting started when she was just a little child, down in Venezuela, South America where she was born and raised by her Italian parents. Manuela is a completely self-taught artist with a passion for vibrant color and emotions which are reflected through out her works.
In September 2006, Manuela started the project of “A Painting a Day” started by Duane Keiser in the US and has been creating a small oil painting everyday or almost daily ever since. With the philosophy that our world and daily life is just a huge dynamic masterpiece constantly evolving, she gathers inspiration from anything and from anywhere… a couple in an old car rally in France, a fruit on her kitchen countertop or a flower in the garden.

. 24-7 A PAINTING A DAY - Sherry De Ghelder

. A Painting Day
Artist Ruth Andre
Ruth became inspired by the western lifestyle while growing up in a beautiful California valley. As a young woman, she studied art and design at California State University, Long Beach and printmaking at Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design Los Angeles. Upon graduation, Ruth became an independent artist’s representative, representing painters and photographers, in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. In 1992 Ruth took her first painting workshop with Maurice Larioux in Santa Fe and became hooked on painting.
Painting has been a lifelong dream of mine. It is glorious to enter my studio each day and take brush in hand and create! My desire is for the viewer to feel as if he were just a step away, as if he could reach out and be a part of the world that I paint”.
Ruth has participated in numerous western art shows across the country. Most recently she has participated in the Yellowstone Art Museum annual art auction in Billings, Montana, the Cowboy Classics 2010 show in Phoenix, Arizona, the American Quarter Horse Museum show in Amarillo, Texas and the Dog and Pony Show at the Brandon Michael Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Ruth lives with her husband in a small valley in Northern California reminiscent of the old western way of life.

. A Passion for Small Paintings
. A Planet Named Janet
. Arco Scheepen's art blog

. Arion khedhiry Artworks
Arion Khedhiry is a self-taught artist born in 1984 in Tunisia. He studied English at the University of Sousse and is now an EFL teacher. He has participated in various local and national group exhibitions.

. arkady roytman - the blog
. Arkady Roytman's Nude of the Day
. art

. ART-aid
My name is Katie and I am a recent college grad who studied supply chain management from MU Ohio. Although there is little correlation between art and my bachelors degree I have always had a strong interest in art. Recently I have increased the amount of time I work on my artwork. Tech Tid-Bits

. Art And Courage
John Paul Thornton's web log

Hi, my name is Maree Clarkson, and I'm also known as Hedgie on various of my blogs, and Maree de Wet when I write in Afrikaans. I live on an 8.5ha smallholding in Tarlton, Gauteng, South Africa, on the border of the Cradle of Humankind, surrounded by the Magaliesberg mountains and beautiful tourist attractions like various Game Lodges and the Sterkfontein Caves.
The world is but a canvas to our imagination and it is our purpose here on Earth to experience joy and all the love the Universe has to offer.
My art training consists of a couple of semesters of art in high school in the ninth grade, and two years art study after I left school. I have been drawing, sketching and painting all my life, but have never pursued a career as a full-time artist. But for the past 2 years I have been concentrating on my art full-time, doing a couple of commissions and exhibiting at local
My inspiration is easily stimulated - a certain shape, an interesting line or shadow, a beautiful colour, the curve of a leaf as it gently sways in the wind, a pebble as it lays half covered by sand on the beach ... the beauty of nature far surpasses anything man-made, yet a beautiful architectural design can be equally inspiring. I used to draw endless scenes of city streets, lined with buildings on either side, disappearing into the distance to practice perspective and the play of shadows.
I was once asked the question, "What subjects do you prefer? And why?" My interests vary widely, but upon going through my portfolio, I discovered that animals seemed to make up the majority of my subjects, especially birds. The why? Nature is a great inspiration and offers a vibration of colour and movement found nowhere else.
My tagline is, "There is a fine line between dreams and reality; it's up to you to draw it."
I am constantly exploring my creativity, overcoming my fears in the process and having a great journey along the way!

. Art & Life
. Art & Observations
. Art Journey Paintings

. Art by Deborah Ross
Since retiring from teaching a few years ago, I've been able to devote all my time to art. I've explored different mediums and found I love to draw with colored pencils and use acrylics and mediums in experimental ways. Every day I challenge myself to take my art in new and exciting directions.


. Art by Paul Baines

. Art by Shano

. art by Tomas
Tomas Karkalas, Lithuania 1955 -? My head bones were broken in 1974 and I ought to be dead, but God returned me to life after some walk on the edge of the death...my biography reminds the narration of Don Quixote's story, yet that’s the truth: now I live on my disability pension. It is less than not enough for living, but I am not starving and I am not a homeless. I share my pictures with the world but not the complaints, and thus arranged more than 50 my art shows already. The fine arts make the sick the rich with the hearty 'Hi, my dear!' The depth of the steps we leave in life is defined by our love one to other. Thus my pictures are my meditation in color that frees me from my disability by pointing to God

. aRt De Me

. Arte de Thereza Deuber
Thereza Deuber is a contemporary artist working in Brazil. Her art career has so far covered three decades and she has exibited her works in several galleries in and around the city of Campinas, Brazil, where she still lives and works.
She began her career while receiving technical orientation from Francisco Biojone and has also participated in several open courses before receiving the SindCon-Arte Silver Prize in 1992. Since then she has continuously strived to maintain individuality in her work while having the freedom to play with different techniques.
She works mainly with acrylic and guache paints on paper and draws inspiration from nature.

. arthiker
. Artist, Emerging
. Artmaker: Art, Writings and Comics by Ming
. Artful Adventures
. artful life
. Artist Hideout

. I live next to the sea on the West Coast of the Cape South Africa). I trained as an art teacher and spent many years lecturing my course "Flowers in Watercolour" to adult art students.
. Full time painter since 1999 and had solo and group exhibitions in South Africa and Europe and have sold works in Australia, Britain, Canada, Croatia, Ireland, Germany,Hungary, South Africa and the USA.
. I have been working on my blog since April 2009 and now have 30 stories and paintings on the blog. The first 40 paintings will be exhibited throughout September in an attic on the main road of Darling, South Africa.

. Artist ..... Richard Del Ponte

. Artist Victoria O'Neill
I'm a painter, illustrator, graphic artist; collage artist, performing artist, fiber artist, clothing and costume designer, storyteller, puppet maker, dollmaker, writer, inventor, entrepeneur, wife, and mother/grandmother I recently began blogging and am just overwhelmed with all the possiblities of it. I'm just learning how to connect with others. It's all very exciting.

. Artistic Flair
I have always loved to create and Artistic Flair is a name I came up with after delving into many different mediums of the art world. My focus now is on fused glass creations and ceramics. My inspiration stems from people, places and things that I am passionate about and I like to express my ideas though fun and colorful designs that are a reflection of me. My style is contemporary with a touch of whimsical flair!

. art junk girl~
. art mirror
. Art.Music.Cat
. Art of RetroCollage
. artorbust dot com
. Artquez
. Art Spectrum
. ArtsSpot - Original and Unique Drawings and Paintings
. Arts & Stuff

. Artscapes - Musings on Art & Life
Michelle's most recent paintings are inspired by the decaying rural landscape. The play of light, shadow and colour form a narrative for each place peeking through the shroud of time.

. Artticulation
. Art With A Pencil

. Artwork and Artplay ~Lauren Everett Finn
We have no control over so many things that affect us. I am always telling myself that I can’t do much about this or that….but I can certainly live my days doing things that I know are right. I can strive for better. I can be helpful and kind and I can choose to be happy. That’s what this series is about… it’s about climbing out of the murk and living your life in a way that’s positive. It’s about seeing that you really do have a choice and the power to control what you think and what you do, how you react to things and how you choose to communicate. It’s about striving to be a light in your circle of influence. We are not helpless. We are powerful. And when given a choice, let’s take the high road. Website

. Artwork by Trevor Lingard
Giving up the day job and painting professionally was a turning point in my life. Although I have had reasonable success I am always striving for improvement. This drive at times is at a cost and self destruction prevails, but I will not compromise my standards". My favourite medium is watercolour and a loose approach with suggestion rather than detail is my aim. I love all types of subjects that tell a story but figurative painting must be my favourite of all. Website

. As It Stands

. Ascender Rises Above
Fine Arts degree in Interior Design; vice president of the student American Society of Interior Designers - ten years contract and residential perspective renderings/interior design - graphic designer winning over 65 national and local awards in graphic design and marketing - 10 which were DANDYS - Pointillism professionally - Dry/Oil Pastels - Collaging - Illustrated Novel - Scatterlings(c) - ACEOS, ATCs - Acrylics - Illuminated Tiles - Faux Encaustic works

. Asha Menghrajan
. Asil-Art W.I.P.s

. A State of Art Portraits
Tracey Costescu is a portrait artist specializing in graphite and watercolor. An intimate connection with her subject shines through revealing the subjects’ character and emotion.

. A sketch in time

. As Mind Goes by
- art blog in Millionminds Studio by VinK (aka Vinca Kumala), freelance illustrator and full time artist. Millionminds is part of herself in defining minds into art (illustration).

. A Small Work A Day :: Pamela Viola Photography
Pamela Viola is a Washington DC based photographer and mixed media artist specializing in work for health care, hospitality, residential and corporate settings

. A Splotch Monster A Day
My name is Steve Loya and I'm an artist and art teacher living in Northern Virginia. I've got a fairly new blog called A Splotch Monster A Day, which features creatures created from paint (and other materials) splotches. The whole idea is fun through art and creativity, and the blog is also interactive, so anyone can participate and be featured there as well.

. Auntie Mim's
. Awaiting a Drawing
. Bearded Bunny Blog

. Beatriz Socorro
Beatriz Socorro began her formal art training at age 10. During 5 years, she studied art with the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary in Montreal, Canada, where she learned drawing, perspective, the use of light and shadow to obtain depth and likeness as well as clay sculpture. In her twenties she started to delve into the world of color and became self-taught in the medium of oil.
She never stopped painting since then, art being one of the great loves of her life, and took part in a group show at WomanArt Gallery W. 57th St., NYC, NY. in 1976. Professionally, she worked as a photographer and today uses her own photos as subjects for her art work. She has traveled amply through the Americas as well as lived in different cities and countries. Although her art falls under the category of Contemporary Art, she considers her work to be an expression of her own spirit. To put it in her own words: "I only paint when spirit-within leads me and only paint what spirits wants. I myself don´t know what I am going to paint or what the end result will be. I work mostly through the night and sleep during the day. This way I can work without distractions. Sometimes I´ll wake up in the middle of my sleep with the desire to paint and so I do. I don´t impose deadlines, rigid ideas or expectations either on my work or the techniques used to achieve it, because to do so would imply restricting and nullifying the creative impulse of spirit."

painting the light and colors of fleeting moments
Professional artist, Becky Joy, brings her vision of this magnigicent world for you to enjoy through her original oil paintings. Impressionist landscapes and still lifes offered in a variety of sizes from the studio and in plein air. Sunsets and clouds are a specialty with their mood and rich colors. An award winning artist, a juried member of Oil Painters of America, American Women Artists and the Arizona Plein Air Painters. I have juried into national groups over the years and been published in Southwest Art Magazine. Website

. Belinda Del Pesco Fine Art Blog

. Beth Parker Art
I am an artist who blogs. I am one of those people who let life get in the way of her art for 30 years. I have been back to painting for only 2 years. I am happier and more fulfilled than ever! My first love has become the wonder of watercolor. I guess you could call me a mixed media artist, as I also do acrylic, oil, printmaking and whatever else strikes my fancy.

. Betty Hitlan Fine Art
. bill sharp’s sketches

. Bittersweat~
Rob Rey is an oil painter working in the fields of both illustration and fine art. His work displays a strong use of the figure and has an emotional charge.

. Blank Canvas
. Bleuh Meuh Design Blog
. Blog with a View

. Blossom Time Creations
I am a self taught artist living in England, although I am originally from Canada. I love to do charming and whimsical little character drawings, sometimes with a spiritual message. My medium is acrylics, along with Prisma markers, pencils and inks. I also like to add different paper accents from time to time.

Bo Griffin collectable cards feature original artwork created by Architect Jeremy and Fine Artist Victoria, who aspire to produce extraordinary greeting cards by forging vivid colours, kitch icons and eclectic images into unexpected treasures.
Bo´s Peepers Blog

. Bonnie Heather's Art Blog
I'm a Canadian artist trying to capture the peace and beauty of creation. Impossible, but what a joy trying. My past was riddled with pain and stress from physical abuse. My present, is filled with happy moments and a great appreciation for my wonderful life as a recognized artist.

. Boogie Street
After 33 years of office work, I gave it up to become what I always wanted to be a professional artist. And it seems to have worked.

. Boone's Hooks

. Boyd Greene Fine Art
Boyd Greene, a nature and wildlife artist living in the Cloudland Canyon wilderness area, has begun to impress his clients with the simple realism and poetic rhythm found in his oil paintings. Finding his inspiration in the Appalachian Foothills, Boyd paints using all the training (Master Artist John Seerey-Lester) and self-study he has labored vigilantly to acquire to depict the very epitome of beauty found in nature’s domain. Boyd grows more and more fascinated with the majesty of Creation the longer he studies the works of the greatest master of all, his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He searches for beauty in everything and loves things that display lots of unique character.

. Brendy Vaughn's Art Journal
. Brian McKenzie
. Brush and Baren
. Butterfly in Plaster art by Tomas Karkalas
. Calamity Kim
. California Painter William Wray
. Candleday
. canvas2screen

. Captain Brushpen
Hey. I like drawing monsters and machines and characters. My name's Melody Lu; I'm an animation student in Vancouver. :)

. Carol Barber

. Carol DeMumbrum's Painting a Day
Carol DeMumbrum is a graduate of O’More College of Design and is based in Brentwood Tennessee. Carol’s background in Graphic Art and Illustration has led her through many journeys and now finally full time Fine Art Painting.
Carol works in mainly oils, choosing subjects that stop her visually and touch her emotionally. Her style may be described as a mixture of Modern Impressionism and Realism.

. Carol Marine's Painting a Day

I am a Florida artist who has been painting for over 15 years. I try to paint every day; somedays it is a fun and rewarding experience and on others it is a struggle. But, the next day I am ready to approach the easel again and see what another day of pushing paint will bring to me.

. Carolyn's (Almost) Daily Paintings

. Cartographic Constructions
Valerie S. Goodwin is a mixed media fiber artist whose background as an architect plays a fundamental role. Overall her art has moved through various stages from traditional quilting to an interest in abstract expressionism and, more recently, work inspired by real and imaginary landscapes and cities. In some cases her work shows an architectural sense of space with an archeological perspective. In others, the network of the city and its built form is more prominent. Her compositions work on a number of levels, from close up and far away as if you were looking at it from above. Many of her quilts are based on maps.
She received a Masters degree in architecture from Washington University in St. Louis after receiving her undergraduate degree from Yale University. Her work has been widely published and exhibited. She has also lectured and given workshops across the country. Acquire my artwork at Artful Home Website

. Celeste Vaught Art
. chantal stone photography: the blog
. Charlotte B. DeMolay, Art Studio

. Chihiro's Art Blog
Chihiro Yabe studied design and oil painting in Tokyo, Japan. She began her career in the field of interior design and progressed to creating landscaping perspectives for one of the largest housing developers in Japan. Moving on to pursue her passion in watercolor painting, she then focused on botanical watercolors. Her paintings have won competitions in New York and her paintings have become popular as book covers, stationary, and greeting cards throughout Japan. Reflecting years of formal training in traditional oil painting, her warm style evokes a sense of love and healing.

. Chris Bolmeier Art

. Christina Jonsson -my sketchblog
I'm a professional illustrator freelancing since 1995. I'm based in southern Sweden and love to draw architecture.

. Christine Regan Art
I am an emerging artist based in the Metro Washington DC area, but currently living in Newark, Delaware. I love the "American Scene", so I mostly create landscape paintings. I also adore drawing in pastel and charcoal.

. Christine's Art Blog

. Christopher Clark
Painter of Memories
Christopher Clark has been passionate about telling stories through art since he was a child. Using crayons and paper, he would mimic painters he saw on public access TV shows. Through years of training and exposure to many other arts, including music and dance, Christopher evolved into the masterful storyteller he is today.
His travels, inspiration, and education have taken him all around the world, including Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, and Mexico. The life, color, and texture brimming from these cultures profoundly bleed into Christopher’s works. His award-winning paintings have been fervently collected and admirably shown in private and corporate collections around the world.
“I love capturing the drama of an everyday moment that could have happened down the street from my house, or on the shore of a vast foreign continent. I try to make each one of my works a living memory to share with others. Pouring these stories into a single painting is both exhilarating and heartbreaking. But I guess that’s what happens when you open yourself up to the world.” – Christopher Clark

. Chrissy Maries Card Craft

. Christine's Abstract Paintings
Abstract painting Is something I discovered just over a year ago. I have always loved to be creative but this is very different. I am passionate about my paintings as a piece of me goes into everyone.

. Christy DeKoning - Travels in Watercolor

. Claire Kennedy Design
Having spent an idyllic childhood in a small town, ventured forth to the big city to "make it good" and do my Mary Tyler Moore thing. Took a few sewing lessons, and loved it. Mentored under my teacher learning dressmaking, tailoring, patternmaking and designing. During the oil bust of the 80's (OK that dates me!), I started my own design company specializing in debutante, wedding and formal designs. Finally my dream of Mrs. Thurston Howell, III realized! But now it's time to pass on what I know and hopefully inspire you to do something fun and creative for yourself or a loved one!
I show in a studio/gallery and paint in watercolors and ink. My work is mostly about the tropical locations I travel to when I do my underwater photography and diving throughout the Caribbean and Indonesia. Have been painting since in high school, but have only painted professionally for the last 10 years.
opera, sci-fi, visual arts, anything artistic....art, designing arts, and then there's music. that's all predictable....but here's the part that's not: love diving, wannabe scientist, hero-tales. movies: Breakfast @ Tiffany's, Charade, Excalibur, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Fifth Element (Jean-Paul Gaultier did the costumes), Tombstone. music: classical, rock and roll, jazz, r & b.

. Claudine Hellmuth
. Claudio Tomassini
. cmv: an artist's log

. Collage Artistry
I am an artist and writer of various mediums. My art varies with freedom. I don't limit myself in my art. I enjoy the freedom of being myself and doing whatever my heart desires. My artwork is not made to please the world, but to share what is in my heart with anyone open to embrace it.

. colouring outside the line
Andrea lives and works near Vancouver, Canada. Acrylic paint, collage elements and negative-space mixed-media drawings are her mediums of choice. Her work is grounded in the natural world and examines time, growth, and life cycles through her use of personal and primitive motifs, spiritual and symbolic imagery and natural patterns.
Andrea Pratt

. Colorado Art Studio

. Contemporary Abstract Pastels
Debora L. Stewart shares her process of creating abstract pastel paintings.
Iowa artist Debora L. Stewart has always had a strong belief in the power of art as a vehicle for change. She has experienced the personal transformational power of art and has a life- long commitment to sharing her vision with others.
She has been dedicated to finding her creative vision and voice, while working professionally as an educator and counselor. She has extensive experience in utilizing the therapeutic aspects of art with various populations including children and youth, developmentally disabled adults, and in substance abuse prevention and treatment programs for adults and adolescents.
Stewart received a B.A. in Art Education from the University of Iowa, with a special emphasis on life drawing, painting and printmaking. In 1995, she received an M.S. Ed in Counselor Education from Western Illinois University and is a Nationally Certified Counselor.
A turning point for the artist came in 2007 when she attended the Split Rock Arts Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Participating in a week long Intuitive Drawing workshop led by artist Clive King gave her the confidence to leave representational art behind to become committed to an abstract intuitive path. Turning to abstraction was unexpected in some ways but a natural progression of her creative vision. Her previous love of drawing is now combined with pastels to create expressive paintings of nature with movement and depth.
Debora Stewart has exhibited and sold her work both regionally and nationally. She has had work accepted in numerous juried exhibits. She is represented by Iowa Artisans Gallery in Iowa City, Iowa and Quad City Arts Center in Rock Island, Illinois. She is a current member of the Chicago Artist Coalition and has exhibited at Chicago galleries such as the Robert Wayner/Black Walnut Gallery, Karen Solem Gallery and the River East Art Center.
In 2010 she was awarded with an Honorable Mention in the Pastel 100 Competition of Pastel Journal Magazine.

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