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. Raven Herrera
. RedHead Art

. Reflections of a Glass Artist
Kathleen Krucoff
I am a glass and metal artist. I have been mentored by a number of talented artists from Patty Gray (fused glass) to Lexi Erickson (metalsmith). I am primarily self-taught. My work is inspired by nature, realized in glass and metal.

. Rembrandt etc. - "Daily Paintings" by Bobbi Dunlop
. Resonant Enigma
. restnrileks

. R. Garriott Paints
Contemporary realism, oil painter of still lifes and botanicals.
Photoshop Tips for Artists:
Easy step-by-step tutorials for improving artwork photos.

. Rigor Vitae

. Robin's Woods
I am a portrait photographer by trade, but since my move to the temperate rain forest of the great Pacific Northwest, I spend my time capturing the natural beauty of my surroundings. For the most part, the only portraits I take these days are of resident chipmunks, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I've found my paradise.
...by Jennifer Robin

. Rob Reeves - Elbow Deep in Oils
Diatribes and brain bits from an oil painter under construction.
Robert L. Reeves was, much to his surprise, born and raised in Iowa. After some consideration he still considers it a good place to call home. He received his Bachelor's degree in Studio Art from the University of Northern Iowa in '94. Immediately afterward he became sidetracked and wandered from one shiny object to the next, but all the while he never stopped painting.
His art startles the eye with its vibrant color, aggressive yet controlled brush strokes and unrefined style. The paintings depict jostling cars, towering structures, garish neons, and bustling yet solitary figures. Brilliant highlights and deep shadows are used as tools for the construction of form. His use of pure colors, wide brushes, and aggressive strokes creates stark, colorful portraits of very specific moments in our everyday lives. Website

A passionate journey through Art

. Rog Lyngaas’ Paintings
Rog Lyngaas is an artist from Boise, Idaho, USA. He paints at the edge between classic and abstract landscapes; using an alla prima method with oils, and sometimes plein air. Mentors describe his style as “primitive, expressionistic, & interpretive”. In the raw there are 4 values, shapes and designs, 3 colors from 7 pigments, warm and cool, and the mind of the beholder to finish the painting; because we all walk blindly until we have an aide to guide us on the shining path. Via this the viewer becomes one with the window; and visa versa. Thus completion of thought becomes action of being.

. Rosa Murillo - Journal
. Rose's Art Lines
. Rowan Dodds Illustration
. rue Manuel bis

. Sacred Arts Studio
Cori Berg
I am the owner of Sacred Arts Studio and I specialize in art with messages of hope and healing. I work in a variety of mediums but most often acrylic and graphite. I enjoy teaching and leading interactive group art experiences. I live in Dallas, TX with my husband and fiesty old cat.

. Sacred Circle Mandalas

. Sami Chohan Drawings
Inspired by the theories of surrealism, I draw what I experience beyond the conscious state of existence.

. Scorpio Workshop
Hi this is Scorpio,
I am a Background Artist living in Chennai,T.N,India.
i enjoy painting and Drawings!!!

. Sculptural miniature from a tusk of a mammoth
. select.ive.pan.cakes

Maintaining that her work defies precise classification, Sharon Hart describes herself as a “Contemporary Realist” who combines Impressionist philosophies with highly developed realism in the subject. Sharon has always had an appreciation for the creative arts. Her mother, an accomplished painter, encouraged Sharon to explore her interest in nature, literature, philosophy and the visual arts. This passion progressed through college degrees, numerous commissions, awards and accolades to a full time pursuit of painting. Sharon’s subsequent life choices led her to many corners of the world, broadening her global perspective and advancing her understanding of the cultural impact and import of the arts.

Returning to the United States in the early 1990s, Sharon’s travels, secured in memory and documented in photographs, emerged with fresh abandon as lush landscapes and seascapes that have become her signature. Sharon has created artwork that that is cosmopolitan yet distinctively American. It is also an oeuvre that conscientiously refuses to settle on a readily identifiable style than her own engaging and eclectic approach to the work. In 1999, Sharon chose to work as a full-time studio artist living in the quiet, natural beauty of New Mexico in order to begin a focused self-study of oil painting and watercolors. As a selfprofessed student of life, who lives with intense conviction, her favorite subjects are those that navigate the delicate relationship between expanded consciousness and passion. Sharon's paintings are held in private and corporate collections in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.

. Sharon's art blog
Sharon is a Calgary-based professional artist with signature status in the Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA), International Plein Air Painters (IPAP) and the Alberta Society of Artists (ASA). She is also a sought after art instructor, teaching regular classes in Calgary and traveling throughout western Canada teaching watercolour and mixed media art workshops. Sharon’s paintings reflect her interest in surface texture and colour. Whether capturing the essence of the landscape 'en plein air' in oils, portraying the figure or flowers in various water media, or creating abstract, intuitive mixed-media works, her interpretations of the beauty around her, as well as her vivid imagination make for an eclectic and varied body of work. Whether in her studio or on location, Sharon creates works that she hopes will reveal God's creative majesty. The viewer is encouraged to investigate the multitude of subtle layerings and colour effects in the paint and paper, as well as the layers of meaning in her work. Sharon creates in all of the watermedia, often combining them with collage.

. Sharon Wright Artist

. Sharron "Shez" Marshall
Canadian artist who loves Color, Strong Contrast, a Different Perspective, and a bit of Whimsy...... working with Acrylics, Oils and Charcoals. In Fine Art Contempory, Floral, Landscapes, Real Life Paintings, Animals and some Portraits. Come have a look!!

. She Sure is Sketchy

. Sketch For The Day
I am a graphic designer who is studying Illustration with the hope of having work used professionally. This blog is where I post a new sketch each day.

. Searen Art and Design
. See It. Draw It. Share It.

. shayari10000
i m interested in blogging-chess-reading-coin n stamp collecting.....

. Shirley Peters
One painting every other day. Artworks by a Sydney painter.
I am a figurative painter working in Sydney, Australia. My current works explore the relationship between the everyday, secular experience and the revered hierarchies of particular churches and cultural institutions.
And I have a daily painting blog!

. Simon Collins - Life Drawing/Painting

. SooZeQue's Arroyo Junkers and Other Resurrections
S u s i e D a v i s
Metal Artist
My name is Susie Davis, aka, SooZeQue. I was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico and I’m positive that is where my love for art started.
In 2005, after a year of battling ovarian cancer, and 22 years taking care of VP’s and managers as an Executive Assistant and even more years taking care of 6 kids, I decided it was time to take care of me. I quit my job and my kids had all flown the coop by then, so I found myself with plenty of time on my hands to finally delve deep into a lifelong love of creating.
All my life I have dabbled in a variety of different art forms. I worked with clay as a young girl and always tried to draw, but never felt passionate about either one. I’ve loved working with stained glass for about 25 years and that knowledge led me to the crystal cross bottle art I create. I have also tried my hand at creating jewelry, mosaics, and watercolor painting.
In 2007, I took a welding class and was introduced to a plasma cutter. It was love at first cut and I had to have my own. That started a union between my love for junk store junking and turning all that trash into treasure. I have always recycled and I find pleasure in collecting what other people might throw away and turning it into something truly unique and different, whether as art or something for my home. I enjoy taking something like steel that is so hard and turning it into something that actually looks soft, as seen in the shovels and wheelbarrows that I cut out. The concept of life renewed fuels my inspiration. All my work is cut freehand with a hand held plasma cutter. This journey takes me in many different directions figuring out how to use steel and making interesting and unique creations as you see in my latest endeavor of steel guitars.
I am a self taught artist with only a few classes under my belt. I don’t have an art degree just a love for it and I’ve often said I must have Art Attention Deficit Disorder since I’m usually creating something different as often as the seasons change.

. Southern Plein Air Painters
. Speartoons
. Spirit River Studio

. Split/gender
Katherine Bellman is from Bowmanville, Canada. She received her BFA from The Ontario College of Art And Design in 2010. She works in a broad range of media, ranging from acrylic to watercolors to oils and even some sculpture and photography. She continually studies the body though feminism, transgender transitions, pornography, and even though Jacques Lancan’s idea of the “gaze”. Currently exhibiting in Toronto ,where she currently works and lives. Her work continually changes to suit the mood and subject matter she is addressing.
Content Warning
The blog that you are about to view may contain content only suitable for adults.

. Standingcloud Originals
I've been interested in art since I was young...I remember someone getting me a paint by number kit of a horse for my 10th birthday. I hated the way the colors didn't blend, so I took it upon myself to "blend" them myself & never looked back. I am working on a degree in fine arts, between moves with the Air Force & homeschooling the last of 7 kids. Might take a while! :)
While I like working in many different mediums, & I find painting is much easier, I honestly prefer drawing with a plain old #2 pencil. The more detailed, the better.

. State of the Art

. Steider Studios Blog
Linda Steider of White Salmon, Washington has been working with kilnformed glass since 1997 and began instructing on the national level in 2004. Best known for her work with powders, she has a unique perspective based on her 20 year background in fibers and pastels. Steiderʼs award winning work (both in fiber and glass) has been shown nationally and internationally. Her pieces are included in private collections across North America, Europe, and Japan. Residing in the Columbia River Gorge provides unlimited inspiration.

. Steel City Artist
My name is Charles Ott & I am a self-taught architectural illustrator from Pittsburgh, PA. I create very detailed hand-drawn pen & ink illustrations of prominent architectural buildings & landmarks. I am the creator of Steel City Artist Illustrations and my artwork is displayed worldwide in art galleries, businesses, colleges, gift shops, private collections & the White House. A complete portfolio of my illustrations can be found on my website.
Displayed here is my illustration of the 'Cinderella Castle'. I presented this to President Obama's two daughters when he received my illustration of the White House shortly after his presidential inauguration. Recently sent an illustration of the castle for a charity fundraiser for a group in Kansas City who is restoring Walt Disney's original Laugh-O-Gram animation studio.

. s t i l l i f e s
. Stop and Draw the Roses
. studio de Shan Blog
. Studio McCann
. Sue Beyer :: Artist
. Studies and Sketches
. Superhero Journal

Kim is a well-rounded illustrator, graphic designer and interactive art director with more than 17 years of advertising and marketing experience. She attended the Savannah College of Art & Design on a full scholarship in 1990. She has widely exhibited in galleries and art shows over the last 20 years. She creates artworks in a wide variety of styles and media; digital, color pencil, oil, acrylic, pastels, resin, assemblage ...the media is defined by the concept and the style needed for each project. Her latest series of illustrations depict figures in hues that seem once vivid, and are now faded. She transports viewers into a dream-like world where mythical characters tell ancient tales of enchantment. Perspective and composition evoke Medieval and Renaissance icons.

. Susan Amanda Lennon
I am a full-time art director who is working toward becoming a full-time artist. My blog is about my work and my process. I make collage art, but my final product is an image made from ripped papers. My blog has a side topic which is about my favorite muse, Pie, a horse that I met when, in addition to being an art director and part time artist, I exercised horses at the track, Pie was one of them. Some people have helped me via various yahoo groups get him rehabilitated and retrained and they liked the story enough that they requested a blog (it is slow going, though). Website.

. Susan McCullough Plein Air
A Colorado native, Susan McCullough has the passion and determination to paint outdoors in all seasons and conditions. She has a superb eye for color, form and light in nature, sharpened by years of observation and painting outdoors. Her deep awareness of the natural world, combined with a sensitive handling of paint, from delicately touched passages to bold strokes with thick paint, results in paintings of depth and inspiration.
Susan belongs to the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico , Plein Air Artists Colorado, and Oil Painters of America.

. susicreates
I have been into art since I was in my highchair (so my mom says) and have dabbled in just about everything. Right now my favs are clay, collage, photography... depending on the week. I have described myself as having AADD - artist attention deficit disorder - depending on what I'm reading online or taking a class for. I don't have studio space, just a 4'x6' area that has my computer and all of my paints, papers and all. So I end up with a workable space about 12"x24". But I get it done!
The photo is called "a little birdie told me" and has metal heart, vintage paper bird and dress pattern wings.

. Susie Tenzer
Wow, Is That Really Colored Pencil?
I knew I was on to something when I began drawing with colored pencils. I’m a self-taught artist and I’ve tried everything from oil painting to screen printing. Colored pencils, though, are perfect for drawing precise details in a realistic style. My favorite subjects are simple everyday objects. I use archival paper, layering many colors until they are vivid and saturated. Visual concepts such as light and reflection are features of my work. I am a juried member of the Best of Missouri Hands and the Greater St. Louis Art Association. I am also a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America.
You can see my work at Wood Icing gallery in Chesterfield, Mo.

. Tableta Machina
My name is Eddie Del Rio
I work in the entertainment industry as a concept artist. Most of my work is digital.

. Teri's Painted Daisies
. Terra Peer
. Terry's Ink and Watercolor

. Terry Krysak Artworks
My name is Terry Krysak
I am a Watercolor Artist living in Richmond BC, Canada
I enjoy Watercolors, Painting, Drawing & Photography

. Texas Painter Leslie Sealey

. Time Passages
Claudia Rose
I have been drawing and painting since I was about three years old. For me, creativity is a lifestyle. I found out that I have to live a rural life to be creative. And I prefer the silence of the woods to the noise of the cities...
In summer, I love to hike, to swim in lakes, to hear the buzzing of the bees and to observe the flight of the dragonflies. In winter, I welcome the snow and the dark afternoons and I light them up with candles and with a fire in the iron stove. I'm interested in many things, in regional studies, in studies of foreign cultures and especially in Scandinavian literature. I like to set my own pace, to knit and crochet, make music, bake my own bread, observe nature, collect herbs, drink tea and Italian coffee, learn Norwegian...the list is even longer.

. Tina Steele Lindsey Paintings
Tina Steele Lindsey is a second generation artist after both parents. Drawing came easily to her in childhood, and though she enjoyed it immensely it was dance, and later music, professionally for a time, that occupied most her time. It was in her adulthood during a visit with her father, Victor Denfrey Steele, that he tricked her into doing a painting in his studio. From there she was hooked and went on essentially on her own crediting her ability to easily grasp and idea or technique to, " a lifetime of watching a master at work." Her main focus today is abstraction commissions for both private and corporate collectors, but in her spare time she will tell you she goes straight to figurative work. Tina resides in the metro-Atlanta area.

. Tinker Art

. The Altered Page
Seth Apter is a mixed-media artist and photographer from New York City. He works in a variety of media, focusing primarily on works on paper, book arts, and textural assemblage. His artwork is typically highly textured and distressed, using layers of paper, paint, ink, text, transfers, and found metal objects. His work has been published in multiple national magazines, independent zines, and websites. His art will be spotlighted in three books to be published in 2010. His blog, The Altered Page, is a visual journal of his own artwork, collaborations, and photography as well as a showcase for artists he admires and his own creative experiences in New York City.

. The Artist's Studio
. The Art of David Cochran

. The Art of Karen Martin Sampson
Journal of Ongoing Art projects and Thoughts.
Bio: Born Toronto, 1945; BFA, Cleveland Institute of Art MFA, Syracuse University. Award winning professional artist in graphic design, illustration, exhibiting artist, portrait artist, and instructor at the college level (RIT for four years and part time instructor at several other colleges). Lived and worked in Cleveland, L.A., Rochester, N.Y., Toronto and now living on Vancouver Island in semi remote area; have built a studio and working happily surrounded by forest and wildlife and the ocean nearby with husband and four dogs. One son, an artist and writer, Tristan Tomaselli, from previous marriage. Website

. ~The Art of Life~
. The BenSpark
. The BOSHart Blog
. The Colorist
. The Creative Butterfly
. The Itinerant Artist
. the odd neighbor
. The Diary Project
. The EDM SuperBlog
. The Flying Trilobite
. The Illustrated Garden
. The Morning Artist
. The Painting a Day Project
. The Painting Life: Postcards from New Orleans

. The Paintings of David B. Ellis
I'm a graduate of Murray State University with a bachelors degree in Fine Arts. The paintings on this blog reflect my various interests. From the rural landscape of Tennessee and Kentucky to astronomical, science fiction and fantasy illustration.

. The Paint Stained Apartment
Daily Paintings by Sharon Schock
I have been painting, mostly in oils, from a very young age. I don't think I will ever be able to stop, it's frustrating, wonderful, relaxing, and stressful all at the same time. I have a BA in Fine Arts from Westmont College in beautiful Santa Barbara California. I have experience working with many different mediums, but I have always preferred oils. I love how versatile they are and the various effects they can produce. Lately I've been working on small daily paintings, I find it to be a wonderful way to keep my paintings fresh and loose. Etsy

. The Philosophical Photographer
. The Phoenix & The Harley

. The Pinup blog
I'm a 25 year-old freelance artist from Israel. I’ve always loved to draw sexy women, and a pinup seemed to appear in everything I did. So I guess a pinup-centered project was only a matter of time. The Pinup Blog started out as a way for me to promote The Pinup Shop. Very quickly, though, my love for this art form shined through my writing, and The Pinup Blog took on a life of its own.
I also create non-commercial/commissioned art that is very personal and deals with themes that are predominant in my life, such as womanhood, gender and sexuality, on one hand, and self observation, alienation and introspection on the other.

. The Portrait Party

. The Road Less Traveled
Dee Gordon
I am a photographer, digital artist and work with pastels.

. The Sunday Painter

. The Zen-Images Ikebana Blog
Baiko is the Japanese name of artist Astrid Stadt, Ikebana master (Sensei) of the Sogetsu School of Japan. Baiko means plum blossom, a very revered flower in Japan. White to rose in color, the plum blossom appears in early February, a harbinger of spring. The Japanese admire it for its resilience against the cold of winter. Baiko is a symbol of perseverance in the face of adversity. Astrid received the name Baiko when the Sogetsu School awarded her the title Sensei. All the prints of her creations are stamped with her Baiko seal.
Baiko has been chosen several times as a Featured Artist by Imagekind, one of the internet's leading artist member printing companies. She received the Spanish Arte y Pico Award. And she has been selected Featured Artist of the Week by the popular art blog, Empty Easel.
Here is what Empty Easel wrote about Baiko's Ikebana Art:
"...her creations are like organic sculptures, made up of living flowers, stems, and branches to form free-flowing works of three-dimensional art."
I’d honestly never seen anything like this before....and I was amazed at how artistic flower arrangements could be."
In Baiko's art there is "...a beautiful balance of positive and negative space, while creating focal points with colors....I love the calm simplicity of Baiko’s work.."
Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, originated during the 6th century in Japan with the introduction of Buddhism from China. It was the custom to place floral offerings in front of altars to honor the Buddha and the souls of the dead. Over time, these floral offerings evolved into floral arrangements designed to express the harmony between man and nature and between spirit and matter. By the 13th century, the practice of Ikebana became a form of meditation for Zen Buddhist priests. In 1929, a radical new approach to Ikebana was launched by Sofu Teshigahara, the late founder of the Sogetsu School. Teshigahara broke with rigid classical rules and emphasized the artist’s freedom of expression. He said, “Ikebana is not just about sticking a flower into a vase: it is about the love and need of the artist to create beautiful forms.”

. Third Moon
. Thousand Sketches
. Thrifty Collage Artist

. Through the Lava Lamp
Rita Flores
I am a fine artist who works primarily in acrylics and graphite. I studied at the New York Studio School where there was a very strong emphasis on drawing the figure. I have been alternating between landscapes and figurative work over the last twenty years. During the last several months I have begun using iPhone apps to create artwork and have found it incredibly freeing and has changed the way I create art. My blog explores the dialogue between my older, more traditional artwork and the new techniques using the iPhone apps

. The Frou Frou Frog
Tammy Kushnir
I dabble in a bit of everything from portraits, mixed media to digital works. My mixed media pieces can be seen in such magazines as Somerset Studio, Somerset Memories as well as such magazines as Altered Arts and Card Trends.
I also have a book titled Wedding Journals and Keepsake Gifts: Creative Projects to Make and Share with Quarry Publishers
follow this link to order http://kush12.etsy.com/

. three little cameras
My name is Asja Boroš. I’m an artist and a freelance illustrator from Croatia. I love creating colorful, whimsical illustrations and drawings. In my work I’m trying to combine my love of abstract art with creating cute and fun characters.
Color schemes play an important role in my work and I especially enjoy drawing geometric shapes, lines and patterns. Website

Hi, I am Angela Sullivan a mother, wife, and ICU nurse. I do paint almost daily and have done so for about a year. I paint mostly in acrylics and love small works. I have paintings in JC Morgan Art Gallery at this time. I am just now building a website.

. Tina Steele Lindsey

. tj Cervantes original art
Terry Cervants
BA in Art in Painting and Drawing
Art Teacher for 25 years
BA in Art at CSUN
Post Degree at UCLA
I taught for over twenty years to students that were my captive audience. I taught in a jail and I taught only art. I was hired as a vocational ceramic instructor many years ago, by accident.
I wanted to be an illustrator, so most of my classes were in drawing and painting and illustration but I also took ceramics. So I went off on a journey of production pottery just to get my Drawing and Painting degree in Art at CSUN.

I am an artist living in NewYork.I have been painting for more than 30 yrs

. Tomas Karkalas
. Tomas' sketchbook
. Tom Hilborn's Art
The paintings and artwork of Tom Hilborn
. Travel Sketching, Illustrated Journals and Sketchbooks : Trumpetvine
. Travels with a Sketchbook in.......
. Trish Bee’s Art-Venture
. two dresses studio

. two shoes studio
art by Lauren Brandy
Growing up, painting was always a sweet indulgence. A way to unwind, relax and see where color would take me. I took studio art classes as an undergraduate in college as a way to balance my science-heavy course load. I never believed I would be so fortunate to paint for a living. Fifteen years and two daughters later, I am living that dream. My inspirations come in many forms: the beautiful vistas of California, travels and the simplest of things that surround me: a sofa, a cup of tea, a favorite pair of shoes.

black.berry.photos and photo.electronic.quilts - more or less

. untouchable EARTH
I am from India. 30+ Male
I regularly post of my art work along with other stuff in my blog

. Up All Night Again

. VanDerHoek Art
Born and raised in Southern California, I grew up in a family that engendered an early appreciation for the visual arts. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the California College of the Arts in Oakland, California, I worked as a graphic designer for 11 years. The last four years of my career were spent working as an art director for a women’s clothing company.
Needing a creative outlet after the birth of my first child I began painting. Focusing on Plein Air painting, I use bold brush strokes and thick paint to render the scene. My intent is to simplify the forms and model them with enough texture to make the viewer aware of the paint. I am always looking for an opportunity to use unexpected color in unexpected places on the canvas all while capturing the experience of the scene I am painting.
I hope that a study of a well-traveled path, a building or a group of field workers will bring respect to and celebrate our place in the landscape. At the same time I seek to document California today, the same way early California painters have done.


. Vaughn Fine Art

. Vemund Hakvåg
I am a Norwegian painter and visual artist. In my art blog I write articles about art, kitsch and culture . My articles are outspoken and deals with figurative painting, drawing and lithography. I try to give readers insight into the classic imagery. Drawing and painting itself. I encourage anyone who has something to say to participate in the debate on art and kitsch.

. Victor Denfrey Steele Art
Victor Denfrey Steele's first career was as a Marine Fighter Pilot. After retiring from the Marine Corps he began his second career in art. Vic studied for four years in Atlanta with the Chatovs - Roman, Constantin, and finally Roman's son Marc. Roman and Constantin, now deceased, were Russian immigrants "of the old school."
Vic's work is heavily influenced by the Chatovs but he evolved a slightly more impressionistic style. His figures, landscapes, and still life paintings are realistic in shape, form, and value, although the intensity of his colors may be exaggerated or muted to suit his purpose. Sadly, Victor passed away in early April, 2008, and is greatly missed by his family, but his legacy continues on. His blog is dedicated to him and updated by his artist daughter,
Tina Steele Lindsey.

. Vic Vicini Studio

. Vinyl Art
"An artist, I'm sharing my passion for music with my original paintings on vinyl. The purpose of my blog, from my first post through today, is to tell my stories, what inspires me and what it's like to promote my art. You can find a serialized sort of biography there, updated just about daily."

. Visual Blog - Art and Life
. Visual Influence

. Wanda Nieves Paintings
Landscape, Seascape & Tropical Nature Paintings
Wanda Nieves was born on May 04,1959 in New York. She established her residency in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1978, where her parents were born. In 1983 obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from the School of Plastics Arts of Puerto Rico and most of her professors are among the most distinguished Contemporary Artist in Puerto Rico’s Art History.
She ventured professionally in different branches of the art field, which included; Graphic Arts, Scenic Painting for the Theaters of PR, Public Art Murals and Creative Director for Film Documentaries, which two have participated in San Juan Cinama Fest International. For fifteen years she specialized in Exhibit and Industrial Designing for the commercial markets of Puerto Rico, South America and USA.
In 1999, she studies at the School of Classical Realism in France. Since, she has been devoted to creating art expositions of her paintings internationally.

. Watercolour Artist Diary

. Watercolor Haiku
Kristine Fretheim
In this complex, fast-paced world, watercolor is my oasis where time stands still and the world comes into focus as though I’m seeing it for the first time. Painting is a meditation calling for vivid focus and inner calm. I’m drawn to the luminous chiaroscuro effects of lights and shadows. Though my work is rendered in a realistic style, I emphasize the abstract nature of my subject matter. I think of my paintings as visual haiku. My hope is to awaken hearts to the simple beauty around us. Website

. Watercolor Muse
Self Discovery through Watercolor
Sheila Estep, is a Watercolor Artist living in Northern California. Her background is in Information Technology before the serious artist emerged in 2008. Mostly self taught in techniques with a couple of workshops along the way. Her passion is in painting subjects that provoke emotions from deep within a person’s soul.

I began painting in 2009, and had to try watercolor. It is an amazing medium and one can spend a lifetime trying to master it. I have continued to love the way the paint blends, blossoms, and melds, creating such wonderful spontaneous and happy accidents. My formal education in the medium includes six years of weekly lessons from Sandy Maudlin, a well-known and award-winning local artist, and workshops from internationally known artists Janet Rogers and Carol Carter. I paint what makes me happy: a certain slant of strong light on an object that creates an interesting shadow shape, a bold pairing of complementary colors pushed to the limit, and anything that reminds me of a wonderful trip I've taken with my husband. I am currently trying to learn more through DVDs and workshops to learn more about fluid acrylics, and have begun a series of crows that seem to have arrived and taken over my thoughts.

. Watercolours Express
. Wax Art

. WE3
We are a group of Scottish design graduates from Grays School of Art, Aberdeen, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee and Galashiels College of Textiles. Now professional artists, designers & makers practicing within the fields of craft, graphic design, art & design further education and fashion. And now it's time to 'do it' for ourselves! From unique mixed media pieces to hand made products and from graphic design to textiles to collage!

. Wendy Prior Fine Art

. Wendy's Wonderings and Wanderings
Reflections by Wendy Ellertson as she dances down the road of an artist,meets people, collects stories, creates art and savors life's adventures. Wendy Ellertson has been making “myth manifest” as long as she can remember. As she explains,” Life is all about stories. I create mythic worlds and creatures to hold the stories.” She has been bringing her world to fine craft venues, galleries and museums for over 40 years. As a Board Member of the Interstitial Arts Foundation she relishes encouraging border crossing art. Her mission: to encourage perspective, creativity, listening to each others stories and the appreciation of life as an adventure to be savored. Website

. What is Krista Painting Now?
Krista Hasson
I am from the East Coast of Canada. I am a self taught artist working primarily in watercolor. I also work in soft pastel, oil and mixed medium I am a realist painter who loves using strong rich color to portray what inspires me. My inspiration mostly comes from nature, but I can also find beauty in just about everything I see.

. Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster's Art Blog
NC Whimsical artist Scott Plaster's line of Whimsical Animals has been featured in the newspapers and magazines and is available for sale in art galleries, boutiques, and shops around the NC Triad region, and from the Mountains of North Carolina all the way to the Coast. He is quickly becoming one of the most well-known NC Artists in the NC Triad.

. Whimsical, Colorful Art Lindy Gruger Hanson Art and Travels blog
Oregon artist, Lindy Gruger Hanson, paints colorful whimsical worlds filled with odd shapes, interwoven line and vivid colors. She believes that art can inspire people, help to heal, make a house a home, and bring joy and positive energy into the world! Website

. williebaronet

. Windy Kai: Hummingbird Studios
I was born in Honolulu Hawaii while my father was stationed overseas in the early 70’s. After the war I was raised in a small Texas town where the extent of my art exposure was framed bluebonnets painted by ladies 60 years my elder. While these kinds of works have their place in the hearts of many, I felt no connection to the work nor the artists, neither aesthetically nor generationally. It wasn’t until college when I moved out of the small country town that I was exposed to a plethora of art that finally spoke to me and I knew from the first installation I saw outside the building where my first college class awaited that my life had changed and that art would be a part of it.
My label of “Undecided Major” immediately changed and I proceeded to get both an AA and BA in Arts and Education. I’ve been teaching for sixteen years now and over the years have continued my own art off and on. Teenagers can be a great source of inspiration! It was only after my grandmother’s death that Hummingbird Studios was born and I began to pursue my art on a more full time basis. What I had been perfectly content to do part time simply was not enough anymore. It consumed me and for the last two years Art, which has influenced my life even from those bluebonnets (it’s just as important to know with what you don’t connect with as what you do) Art no longer influenced my life, it became my life. It’s no longer a choice, no longer part time….I’m 40 years old and now closer to the age of those little old ladies who painted those bluebonnets all those years ago….and as the saying goes, Life begins at 40, well…in respect to my artistic life, I can vouch for that! Website
I've been featured on CBS DFW
I am currently showing at Mistltoe Gallery in Ft. Worth
I'll be at Cottonwood Arts Festival October 1-2
And Edom Festival of Arts October 14-15

. Women, Art, Life: Weaving It All Together

. Wooden Spoon Editions
I'm an artist living and working in the Lake Minnetonka are of Minnesota. Instead of using a traditional baron, I use a wooden spoon to burnish the paper and create each print by hand. I have experience in several printmaking techniques such as: intaglio, lithography, monoprinting, screen printing, and several others. While I enjoy the differing effects of each technique, I love the process of lino and wood block prints from start to finish the best!

. woolgathering...
. Works by Stephen J Carl
. Works by Tracy Helgeson
. Works of Many Colors
. Ya callate André
. Z. Thurmond Studio


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Kim Barker is a Visual Artist (Diploma in Art and Graduate Diploma in Education). She is also a fully trained Reading Recovery Teacher. She has taught RAD (Royal Academy of Dancing) and Cecchetti Ballet Syllabii. Kim also manages the Top Artist' Directory as well as her blog laketrees She lives with her family on the Eastern Central Coast of Australia. Follow Kim at laketrees on Twitter for updates and news