Featured Artist of the week - Lynda Lehmann

Peripheral Vision - Inner Sights by Lynda Lehmann


  • Judith HeartSong

    Oh I love this piece.... her name is so familiar I will need to check her out! All is right with the world now that you are back again Kim.

    Be well and happy in your new space!

  • Judith HeartSong

    Ahaaa! I did know her name.... her blog is wonderful and she is a terrific person. Such a small world:)

  • Kim

    hello Judith
    thank you for your lovely comment on Lynda's work...
    she has lots of snow over her way too :0
    thanks for your kind wishes too :))
    ...please take good care in all of that dangerous ice :0

  • Lynda Lehmann

    KIM - I've just come home and turned on my PC, to find that you have featured me at TAD! Thank you!

    And thanks for brightening the world and our part of the blogosphere with your positive energy. :)

    I hope you are all settled in and functional enough to feel relaxed and back in the swing. xxxxx

    JUDITH - Thank you for your kind words!

  • Lynda Lehmann

    KIM - I had wanted to ask you where you got your Twitter gif. When you have a moment....

  • Kim

    hello Lynda :)
    your work has certainly brightened up TAD....a vibrant and colourful start to the new year :)
    feeling much more settled apart from the trip to the dentist on Thursday...
    that time of the year when I have all the new year tests done ...next week optometrist and the week after skin cancer clinic
    I made the Twit image at photobucket...you can use it if you like :)

  • This Makes My Day

    Nice and interesting work Kim, I like the combination of colors a lot and also the meaning. Very interesting and thanks for posting. Have a great weekend!

  • Amy Lilley Designs

    Very 'electron microscope-y', like blood cells of all colors floating around...love it...organic to the core...beautiful!!!

  • Mariuca

    I'm number 2 TD here Kim, woo hoo! :)

  • Judith HeartSong

    You are welcome Lynda... so glad to see you featured here!

    Kim, you bring together really wonderful people!!

  • Trevor Lingard

    This is a stunning piece.
    I have followed your work previosly and always enjoy what you present.

  • Lynda Lehmann

    Kim, thanks so much for sending me the GIFS. You are terrific!!!

    I still don't know how to embed a GIF with a URL, but I'll look it up and eventually figure it out.

    Good luck with all your health apts. I usually do all of mine in the spring. And since my bout with breast cancer almost six years ago, there are a LOT, believe me! I can't wait each year to move past them. Thank goodness we have our creativity to take our minds off the not-so-much-fun stuff!

    It's snowing here... :( again.... :(

  • Shinade

    oh wow I love Lynda's work. I am so happy to see her featured here!

    Congratulations Lynda. I shall try to drop by your blog very soon and congratulate you there as well!!

    Oh it's a stunning and very interesting piece of work!

  • Shinade

    Excellent choice Kim and Lynda!

  • Shinade

    I am just so excited to see Lynda's work here! I think she's fabulous!!

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